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Something New -

1. Cook something new. Pick an ingredient or food you’ve never tried, and work with it. See what you can create.

2. Try to sit down and write. Whether or not creative writing comes naturally to you, journaling, or just writing down thoughts and feelings, can be a great way to decompress and even have some fun.

3. Do something out of your comfort zone. Zip line, bungeejump, go to dinner alone, whatever it is, try something you’ve been afraid to try. You’ll grow a lot from the experience.

4. Camp out in your backyard. Not exactly roughing it, but a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family.

5 And finally, do something nice for someone else. Write a letter to grandma, buy a significant other some flowers, or help a friend move. It’s the little gestures that count most in the end, and nothing feels better and is more fun than giving back.

Ideas by: david 583 link to his page