'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Collective Candy

1. DIY crafts: make something at home with random items you find around.

2. pipe cleaners, napkins, doilies, you name it. See what you come up with. Or try something you find on Pinterest.

3. Go to an amusement park or water park. Most cities have them, and if you live in a bustling metropolis, this is a great way to relax and escape, alone or with someone else.

4. Go to a new type of bar or restaurant, preferably one with a cool theme. Try a place like Washington DC’s Boardroom, where patrons can have a pint and play a game at the same time.

5. Take a day trip, or an overnight trip. Find a cool area that’s a bit of a ways, but not too far, from where you live. Check out their sites. Stay in a bed and breakfast.

ideas by - Jenna link to her page