'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


1.  Main character buys a lottery ticket.  They then do some sort of hallucinogen. Wins the lottery while on drugs but can't completely understand it.  Ends up lighting the ticket on fire.  Or at least trying

2.  Take all footage/ pictures of cute loving periods in all your past relationships compile and save them.  Then make a point to get more in all future relationships.  Compile it in to a documentary called "Finding the Right _____".

3.  People are camping in the woods.  One person checks their phone to find the news that the closest major cities has become all zombies.  They have to create safety in the woods.  Zombies start to attack.

4.  Guy looses his dog.  Goes looking for it and finds a girl.  They fall in love while look for the dog. They decide to get married.  Right as they do the dog comes up to them.

5.  Hobo teaches someone magic.

(I will film one of these. I will post the video as an idea on this site before dec. 23rd 2011 @ 10:00pm)