'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

The weekends

1.  Designate one day a week to be the day when you don't spend anything and one day when you buy all the things you need for the week like grocery's, bills, and other expenses

2.  When you meet someone, ask how to spell their name and go over the letters in your head a couple of times

3.  Start advertising your services as a handy person.  When someone calls you for an estimate, take a lot of notes, and then go research the best way to fix it.  Then figure into your estimate not the cost of labor but how much it would be to by the best tools for the job.  Front the money for the tools, fix their problem and then get reimbursed upon completion.  After a year or so you should have a collection of sick-ass tools and know-how to do anything.  Then you can quit if you want.

4.  Have all of your friends get food stamps.  Then designate one day a month where they all buy really good food and bring it over to your house and you cook it.

5.  When you first see a person, challenge yourself to find one thing that you really like about them or their clothes.  Tell them if you are comfortable.