'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Earlier that day...

1.  Start National Let a Balloon Go at 2 pm day. Everyone lets a balloon go at the same time.

2.  Drive around to all the state parks in a RV, have a outdoor screen, speakers, and projector. Show family movies at each state park.

3.  Invent a machine that is a little fake tongue that you can discreetly put in your mouth before giving head without a woman noticing. It is programmed for ultimate orgasm.

4.  Steal your mom and dad's car in the middle of the night. Hide it a block away.

5.  When one country is at war with another country try this. Instead of dropping bombs, just spend the money you would have spent on the bombs to make exact replicas of their country money minting presses. Print three-ten times more money than their country has in circulation, and then drop it in their country out of planes and helicopters. There would be no money, no infrastructure, no army, no resistance.