'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

LIVE IN INFAMY (in jail)

1.  Promotion for a band like U2 or someone corny who thinks they have a bunch of positive influence on people. (could work for a person or org that actually is cool too)
Buy out all the bill boards in 1 (or all) major city(ies). All of the bill boards just say LOVE.

2. Make all the sound/ retaining walls on the highway in the city be legal walls for people to do art on.

3. Run an advertising campaign for the internet.

4. Send ideas that you have to me so I can post them on this website.

5.  Follow all the rules, do everything possible to become president. DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO MAKE IT. Don't ever tell anyone what you're really thinking. When you get elected, for your acceptance speech say something like this:

 "I have worked hard to get to this point.
I have lied, cheated, and sacrificed my morals on a daily basis.
I have held my own beliefs in prison for the the entirety of my life.

I knew keeping silent was the only way i could to make it to this point.
But now...

No longer will I hold my thoughts in.
The very system that has elected me, is the same system that has forced me to lie.
And this system that i have dedicated my life, is the same system that has imprisoned millions. Including myself.

Because i have jumped through these hoops, I KNOW that the system that we fight for is the same system that depends on keeping its own public submissive.

THESE THINGS I WAS ELECTED ON underneath the what was presented, ARE NOT THE PEOPLE AGENDAS. They are the agendas of the people that funded and created me. The people that continue to keep us submissive.

 I am a puppet and refuse to be inanimate any longer.

I have waited my whole life to say these words and after they are complete, the very same system that brought me here will force me to leave.

This country is corrupt and the people that run it are lying to us."

(by then someone will probably shoot you or the TV stations will cut the feed,
but after that your name will live in infamy)