'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

idea5actory@gmail.com - www.idea5actory.com - theideafactory

2011-2014 - The Idea Factory 

To nurture and encourage; innovation, free thought, ideas, expression and exploration. 


What we do:

Collective Freelance work to fund the production of 5 Idea Factory projects per year.


What we offer:

Graphic Design - Video Services - Jingle Production (Music) 

Map Video Websites - Digital Promotion - Events - Content Scouting/ Generation

Bike Shop - 


Why we do it:

With the profit from the services we offer we fund the production of 5 Idea Factory Projects yearly. 

These projects are designed to nurture, encourage and promote innovation, free thought, exploration and expression in our community and across the world. 

These projects will be featured on our website @ www.idea5actory.com

Each project will be solicited to relevant companies for sponsorship.

To sponsor a Idea Factory Project CLICK HERE.  


The Projects:

Using creativity as our means to communicate with the world, we will support non traditional views, exploration and free thought by featuring different relevant subjects in these projects.

Example: A organization or topic that has a large amount of worth or benefit for the world but does not have the adequate resources to obtain media coverage, creative work or digital distribution.


Project 1: 


Client Work:



Company Info:

The Idea Factory: 

Start up - 2011 - 2014  

Incorporated in the Spring of 2014 

Freelance Creative Work + 5 Projects a Year

Creative Director: Aaron Colantti

www.idea5actory.com - twitter.com/fiveideasaday www.fiveideasaday.com 



To create a space for ideas to collide. 

Creating a productive environment in which to nurture innovation.

To explore new ideas and make them accessible to the world. 



Creative Director: Aaron Colantti 

Project Manager: Stephen Eigenmann

Web &: Mark Esler

Cinematographer + Editor: Cooper Ruddock 


Board - 

Aaron Colantti - CEO

Matt Rucinski - CFO

Stephen Eigennman - Vice President

Mark Esler - Vice President  

Rob K-S - Secretary