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Free murals for the slums of Buenos Aires

I have traveled around through the United States, Chiang Mai Thailand, England, Australia, Canada, and already once in Buenos Aires. I am coming about to Buenos on the 16th, and staying until the 8th of Sept. 

My artistic goal while in Buenos Aires is to paint as many free murals in the slums or  areas in the city where residents that would benefit most from free positive or educational artwork. I have and will be reaching out to non profits, artist groups, friends, graffiti writers and street artists,and whoever else is interested in doing something for the betterment of others. 

By supporting this project you will literally be helping create positive social change, and the embracing of each others cultures. 

All the money of this project goes towards buying more paint, and the perks are all unique for each price. 

The impact of your donation will not only help the lives of people living in a place where positive and pride for where you reside is rarely seen, but also help create some dope ass fucking artwork. Everyone down the line learns nothing good comes free or even nothing in life is free. Well with your donation you can help disprove that shitty idea to someone. Doing good for others who never see a lot of it is a human thing we all should just do. 

If you like my work, and want to see people benefit from some dope free artwork, then throw a little support this way and lets do something good. If you dont got any funds then just send this over to someone who might, or simple spread the word a bit more.  But thats about it. Thanks for your time

-Matt Litwin

Limpio Designs - www.midwestlove.org 


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