'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


I used to write five random ideas every day just to keep me sharp and thinking of new things all the time. I asked my friends to contribute ideas and sometimes I would host idea making sessions along my travels. These ideas were sourced between 2007 and 2016 and because of it, I started to perceive the world around me more differently than I had ever imagined possible. One thing I have found during the compilation of these ideas is that the brain is only capable of seeing what is inside its perceived thought cloud. Those clouds can be all encompassing, allowing you to see nothing beyond the library of thoughts you have generated or allow your self to absorb.  I did not write every single day but I tried to. Eventually the practice of writing these ideas allowed me to think abstractly in all situations. 

Below is the archive of all the ideas I wrote, click on the title to see the ideas for that day: