'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Questions about Sake

Two friends were walking down a street in Downtown Minneapolis. The street on which they walked upon was called Nicolette.

At the intersection where That Crazy Guy stands on top of the buckets and yells the word of god at people they stopped to listen... only for a moment they thought.

As they stood, a large crowd started to gather.  It became harder and harder for them to move on their own accord. They were now stuck inside an amoeba! Slightly frighted their lil' hearts started to race and their minds began to quicken. They were now being pushed from side to side and back and forth and had no control over which way would go next.  It was as if they had no control, and all the while The Man speaking the word of god over them kept yelling 'DIE' 'DIE' DIE' DIE' !!!!

Slightly panicked and a now a bit sweaty it was time to make a move or forever be apart of This Mans impromptu church session on the street. Crouching down low, with their eyes level to he bottoms of peoples jackets they slowly made their way out of the crowd and across the street to the other side.

Now they could finally see the group that they had been a part of, continuing to sway in rhythm with the crazy mans screams they decided to turn away and continue down towards the river.

When we got to the there, the first friend handed an unopened bottle of Sake from where it had been waiting in his back pack.

Wrapping his hand around the cap his friend attempted to open it but to no avail, his body was still shaking as if he were cold.

'Whats wrong?'

'It's what that man was saying... he said we were gonna die....'

Taking the sake back out of his friends  hand and cracking the cap open he looked back at his friends eyes.

You gotta put all that shit down if you wanna open the bottle.... no one can open something when they are still holding something else.

Then they got drunk looking over the train tracks and the cool graffiti under on the metal party of the train bridge.