'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Questions about hair:

And now for some more questions! Please answer them below in the comments.
Are humans the only living thing with hair that continues to grow until it is long? Is there any other animal that has these same traits? Does any animal trim its hair out of necessity? What does it mean when someone is bald? Can one acquire special powers from their hair just as a lesson from the past?... and whats up with bald people with beards? 
Is our hair like the negative copy of our thoughts? Wasted brain cells imprinted physically on top of our head like the grooves of a record replicating the shape of sound waves of which it deliberates?
Does our hair represent how fast we are thinking? 
How fast we are dying?
How many chances do I have to grow hair to my toes? 
In my next life when I am a lil’ doggy will I have that opportunity?
Is magic real and does searching for it detract from life itself if it is not?
WHO IS EVEN LISTENING TO THIS RADIO SHOW?... And why am I still in the back of this long dark room all alone in the woods?
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Tune in next time on: Alone in the woods.
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