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the Re growing Process


In US alone about 5 million of forest trees are consumed by fire annually, this is only a fraction of how many fires there are world wide. For example, Africa is the victim of more than 70 percent of the forest fires that break out worldwide. The leading cause of forest fires is mere human carelessness.

This is similarly to how i feel about Detroit. 
A campfire left burning and unattended may seem trivial but it can prompt a major forest fire if it gets uncontrolled. (GM)

3. Nature has its own mechanism of recovering from deadly forest fires thus ensuring the survival of forests worldwide.  The regrowth and re birth process after a forest fire is not trivial. It requires almost two decades for a forest to regrow if it is hit by a major forest fire, but after its rebirth it is capable of growing much larger in the long term.  

The forest regrowth can be sped up if it is aided by humans. By eliminating weeds and running complete plantation campaigns, the forest rebirth can be helped. In Detroit Art initiatives have begun to revive property values for entire neighborhoods.

After a forest is burned down there remain no roots to anchor the soil thus the soil erosion is prompted. In order to encourage regrowth of the forest soil nutrients are very essential but they may be lost due to erosion. The regrowth process is most tangible and hurried in the forest areas which are close to a water source. I believe art can be a metaphoric source of water for  Detroit and urge all and every artist to help add nutrients to their soil. 

- Anonymous