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Hobo Dinner (Travel Tips)

1. Spred re fried beans on a pan. Cook in the over until dried out. Put the dried beans in a bag. Cheap light and healthy travel food. (add hot water or eat the pieces like nuts)

2. Your hungry... but the only food near you is a gas station: Tuna fish, Mac and cheese, Tomato sauce.  Perfect for bike trips. (you will need a travel stove)

3. Burn incense in your car when on a road trip.

4. Chicken + Asparagus + Butter
Wrap all together in to tinfoil. Throw the package in to the fire until cooked. No need for a gril, jsut throw it in the flames (just dont poke a hole in the tinfoil)

5. Car Tent: (hatchbacks + vans)
Buy mosquito netting @ the hardware store. Tuck the net inside the rubber liner that runs along the frame.
Now you can leave the back open for air circulation when sleeping.