'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Ideas in your Mind

Commercial idea...

Scene 1 couple running from 2/3 zombies head into store.
Scene 2 shot of condiment isle with them running down it still being chased by zombies.
Scene 3 cut to close up of one zombies face with a look of recognition or a fond memory in its eye.
Scene 4 shot of same zombie now with a bottle of tabasco in each hand.
Cut to black with tag line saying "spice up your next meal".
(written by Swn)

2. Tobasco 
Baby crying: title says too hot. TABASCO

3. Two astronauts in space having a fire using Tabasco as the fuel

4. Picture of a riot with a guy throwing a giant bottle of tabaso with a flaming cloth in the top.

5. Tobasco underwear.