'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Option F

1.  Spend one year finding the place you are most productive.  First determine what think would be the most productive state for you in whatever your line of work is.  Possibly just try out the difference between working at home and an office.  Narrow it down to the point where it is so specific you couldn't be any other way.

2.  Take every song you like right now and make a music video for it.  Spend one day showing all of them to your friends.

3.  If you don't like your situation in whatever city you are in, leave everything where it is and try to walk to the next major city in the next state.

4.  Open two bars right next to each other.  They should share a wall so if you were to cut a large window size hole in one wall it would expose the one bar to the next.  Then install one way glass along the entire wall.  Set the lights medium bright in one bar and very dark in the other.  Then mic the room that can see into the other one and play it really loud in the next bar.  Have a sign informing people of the situation on their way in.

5.  Have cute rabbits run loose on large planes to calm people down.