'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


1.  While driving set your cruise control and start climbing out the car window.  Tell the passenger to steer.  Climb on the hood of the car.

2.  Listen to different parts of the music every time you hear the song.  First listen to the drums, then the singing. Try to listen to the song in as many different ways as possible.  If you like doing this, begin record all the different ways you can listen to the songs you like in a journal

3.  Have a protest about the dirty dishes in the kitchen.  Film it, and submit it as a news story.

4.  Film a tree growing for its whole life.  Buy a dedicated server and wirelessly upload all of the footage to that server.  Find a gallery that will display it in real time.  Or upload it in parts in youtube.com.

5.  Paint the ceiling in your room.