'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Doo Dads

1.  Tell everyone that you come in contact with that you are broke but don't ask for any money.  Keep a journal to see what comes your way.

2.  Knock on every door of every house in your neighborhood and ask them if there is anything that they need.  See if you can get it for them.

3.  Spend one week saying "Please","Thank You", and "You're Welcome."  Then spend the next week avoiding those words.  Then go back to using the words the next week.  Stop when someone comments on it.

4.  Go around and ask all of your friends what their top five foods they most commonly eat are.  Do this with over one hundred people.  Start making the top food out of your kitchen and then sell it to all of your friends.

5.  Whenever you feel like you need a break, make a physical note of it.  If you do not take a break at that moment, make sure to take the break later.  You may accumulate breaks.