'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


1.  People all living at a house share responsibility, someone makes a big tub of soup every week, get a land line phone, give fliers to friends around area. Answer the phone when ever your home, take orders warm up soup and bike or car deliver. No operating hours needed... just when ever you are home and are down to make a few bucks. Sliding scale price.

2.  Set up a system at your work where 1 dollar of every pay check of all the employees goes to buying supplies to put in the basement for if there is the end of the world. Everyone who pays gets a key.

3.  Set up an art show under a bridge where no one usually goes. When art show it set up, leave it there and flier the town and tag billboards with advertisements for your illegal art show.

4.  To get in to a locked door Stick gum in the lock, when they replace it keep jamming it up with gum until they don't lock it any more. (works best with things like dumpsters.

5.  Advertisement for Jewelery store. Five billboards on the highway they are consecutively right after each other. Needs to be a place with a few bill boards in a row. First billboard 'WILL' 2nd "YOU" 3rd "MARRY" 4th "ME" 5The (same font) logo of jewelery shop.