'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


I used to write five random ideas every day just to keep me sharp and thinking of new things all the time. I asked my friends to contribute ideas and sometimes I would host idea making sessions along my travels. These ideas were sourced between 2007 and 2016 and because of it, I started to perceive the world around me more differently than I had ever imagined possible. One thing I have found during the compilation of these ideas is that the brain is only capable of seeing what is inside its perceived thought cloud. Those clouds can be all encompassing, allowing you to see nothing beyond the library of thoughts you have generated or allow your self to absorb.  I did not write every single day but I tried to. Eventually the practice of writing these ideas allowed me to think abstractly in all situations. 

Below is the archive of all the ideas I wrote, click on the title to see the ideas for that day:

Have an idea you want to share?


1. Glow in the dark tattoos of all the acupuncture points for acupuncture teachers to better teach.

2. A contest to see who can create the best new language.

3. Mini ant farm earrings.

4. Clear doored fridges

6. Plastic surgery plugs to charge your phone off your bodies energy.

Hungry Wolf Grrrrrrr.

1. Couzcouz mash waffles.

2. Action figure casts to make action figures out of used candles.

3. Lubricated pencils to make it harder to write with.

4. Poop strainer to get out lost keys and such (ewwww)

5. Tattoo eyes on the top of your butt.

Wood fight

1. Surgically implanted cameras to forehead.

2. Wood socks.

3. Hats made from cork board to pin messages on.

4. A liquid you can buy to melt your trash in to small disks.

5. Tattoos on fruit for practice?

And all it's glory!!! :)

1. Injections to make your veins glow different glorious colors.

2. Double decker plates for when your SUPER HUNGRY.

3. Stinky laundry soap to make ur clothes all stanky.

4. MN Born and Bread - Bread Company

5. Sticky pieces for your eye lids to keep your eyes open when your tired.

Please Please Please Please

1. Fire wood spray that makes you're wood burn in different colors.

2. Glow in the dark car bumpers.

3. Hover balloons that only go up like 10 ft.

4. Gloves that make your hands look like real feet.

5. Little circular stickers that heat up each one of your toes or fingers.

Bike Breaks

1. Bike breaks that screech @ different tones so you can play music with them.

2.  Four year whistling school

3. Zip line transportation from the top of telephone poles.

4. Green colored car wheels.

5. Glow in the dark sleds for night time sledding.

Love Bullets

1. Love Bullets made form dead peoples wedding rings.

2. Sand Paper Coated Pens. For Traction.

3. A service that sends your dead body in to space.

4. Crotch cooker bags to warm your food with out getting it all gross.

5. Indoor apple tree kits. ( like christmas trees )

Free Candy FOR ALL!!!

1. Costumes/ outfits for deer (for hunters who shoot deer with tranquilizer darts then dress them up to wake up a more pretty deer) 

2. Fill boat hulls with cream to make butter while sailing.

3. Body mutilation to make your butt hole look like a rose.

4. Glow in the dark cake icing.

5. Attach a hot air balloon to the top of your car for extra seating.

FUCK IT im gonna quit

1. Suddle calm 3D wave bathroom tiling so it goes up and down as you walk.
2. Hollow Stash spot drawer handles.
3. A grease company called Elbow Grease.
4. Translucent kitchen cupboards (translucent to the out side so it gets sun inside for growing)
5. upside down BED S with straps.


1. Bike Slippers for when you're bikes all snowy and you bring it over to someone else's house.

2. Bike Me (bike delivery service )

3. Re useable condom .... (ewwww. )

4. Napkins that reveal messages when you use them.

5. Water filled Key Boards.


1. Dual horn system, nice + more aggressive car horns for more polite honks.

2. Electric bikes with stereos, horns and head lights.

3. Candy coated mouth guards for hockey players.

4. Personal cavity detector.

5. Custom PEZ dispensers of your face.

I can see clearly now.... but the rain is not gone.

1. A computer key board that plays music like a piano, but instead of needing to learn music, just learn how to spell to the tune of your favorite songs! :)

2. Trampoline generator so your kids can give you back some energy.

4. Tye dye color shoes.

4. Hollow ropes to drink water from while climbing.

5. Porn screen printed on the inside of your shirt so you can look inside to get inspiration. (when needed)

Naughty boy!

1. Cheese flavored waffles. 

2. Donut mobiles for grown ups who like eating in bed. 

3. Love triangle. A shirt company logo with a triangle with 3 hearts. 

4. Lunch on the moon. A service that drives you to the moon for a fancy dinner. 

5. Naked party's where everyone is naked. 

The Gooses

1. Mini Christmas tree hats. 

2. Bowling pin shaped loafs of bread and balls of cheese. 

3. Digital playing cards (that change secretly for cheaters) 

4. Shirt, pants & hat with accurate measuring tape printed on it so you know how tall you are. 

5. Christmas tree ponds with floating platforms under to place presents on. 

Meet Joe Black 2 coming soon!

1. stop eagerly pleasing people just so they think well of you.      

 2. analyze your neurosis and start dealing with it. 

 3. stop being angry and acknowledge your pain instead of projecting it on others.  

4.  dont play dumb. 

 5.  stop lying to yourself, and others.