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Wastelands of Lockdown Continued:

Aug - Oct dkgfkjg IslandSemi Professional hippy from Minneapolis goes to section 1 A for extra examination of that which is what we all want to know, where is all the food at? 1A ExaminationIts like a movie I was cast to play a character that will transcend my previous capacity for purpose entirely. Change my everything and force me to act accordingly for the complete duration of my life. Will cease to be mine that it never was mine at all. I have no normal family beyond that of a highly orchestrated war of matter to me. and specifically in cohesion with their agenda. I have lost everything and have nothing in form of immediate payment for a cause that will soon shatter my life and has already and my children and my past and my everything and everyone i know lied to me for as long as i have been alive.

AUG 18 2018Lizards live here I think they like the running water as do the flies who fly here to tell me that it is fly season. Some years it is worse than others, like the years they attacked and corralled me. My family all thought it was a drill, some sort of test, some sort of lesson interwoven with their universal quest but alas they were not looking at the picture with a small enough perspective to have perspective enough for it all. Their life was what I was being taught, not this alternate world of panic. Assuming can be a dangerous thing unless of course it is all you have left... maybe by design maybe by sheer self destructive nature. But really, do you think someone with that many resources and experiences would willingly lock themselves up like this? I think not. I have made my investments, and they are killing me. Along with every other self entitled, squatter that considers their choices implicitly more weighted than mine. I fucking live here, you think i don't know the fucking story, it is equal in all lands, the bad, the good, and the

When it gets to the point that you can't eat because your so sick of eating. No money for bread but enough money for a house and two cars... we have priorities, this family. This society. We need to outfit every stranger with a 12 foot high pick up truck and two years worth of pizza rolls. I don't think you see me correctly. I think I look like a bumbling fool. Well of course I do, I can't write worth shit and this story is way out of my IQ level. So ya, I got sent to cannon falls again for a night. I don't know why. It makes no sense. This is my life. Some how you must end at the finish line, but just so everybody knows there is no finish line. Just another few run arounds and eventually they will take all your money, your house, and your clothes then sell them to the computer. I am smoking roaches. I have eleven little roaches on my desk. I have no more weed. I have no more energy to drive. My bike tire is flat. My bills are not being paid. No one wants to hang out anymore because i pushed them all away. Everyone I have ever known is in some other plane of existence and I have no one other than the people who keep me here to keep me company and direct me. I love them but really the truth is, I am incapable of being something other than what I am, and what I am is something I could never completely grasp as long as the world stays anywhere close to how it is now. I am completely, and utterly alone.

notes:Batting a lash Hold me closer tiny dancer. Be all you can see. food is awesomewater is helpful for living areasmoney is retarded some people get mad when you use that word in most contexts i cant really retort though since i don't really know if it truly is offensive but after looking at the definition it seems to make sense here. I think I can hold on a little longer. probably.

As I try to put the pieces together, I realize my slew of notes scattered across the internet might a bit confusing, but what else to do when you are being attacked than archive your notes in as many places as possible. Lessen the chances of it being swept under the rug. There are a few lessons I recall and would like to transcribe them before I loose them completely. Until now, I don't think I have even realized I did not write it down because it has been so obvious to me when reading my works, maybe not so obviously for you all or maybe its the other way around since most the people I talk to on a regular basis are from group R or G. Apparently the sub world of computer people who pop in and out of their roles in society, live and walk among us, un noticed by the organic life forms that have been raised here like cattle stuck in their jobs and seemingly own idiocy fueled prisons furnished by and for the very people who feed us puss oil and trash, never mentioning the truth of this world under penalty of computer law. Each life form/ consciousness in this world is a form of code. Some codes/ peoples consciousness are contained inside other codes/matrixes that only allow people with contained view points to be considered part of its group which is all something that is logged and always being documented and protected like sheep in a pasture. We will call them Group O - Organic Then you have Group G who's consciousness are still contained in time and space of the physical restraints of this world. They are un aware that they are partially coded and that the actions presented to them are directly strained by the subgroup they are part of harming them both in this life and the eventual re admission of their personal equity as a R stock body aka blood bag. G's are separated or monitored in cohesion with the bylaws of what ever sub group it is shepherded by. Especially in the presence of any O or sub category of G. Then you have Group R of consciousness that can leave this matrix completely as long as their theoretical character is somewhere coding itself to the environment at hand and not transferring knowledge into these sub groups that is naturally always changing and creating or learning new things separated from the truth of the larger story until they can safely be transferred in to a sub group or killed. Each O or G subgroup may have a manager that receives the changes and brain scan reports first before transferring it to the smaller conscious entity that is the controlling consciousness of the R body. Then after doing what ever it is they came to do, move on to the one of the multiple different lands or available virtual bodies inside of this or even outside the contained OG matrix and into the land of others. They do not see things the way humans see things due to the vast array of different worlds and places as well as evolution and life for them is perceived differently but still equatable. Eat Fuck Sleep... At least thats what some of them think life is... but then again, it is hard to tell whats what with all the misinterpretations and propaganda subjected to us daily. Each individual of all groups receives its energy and information from what it's mind knows as well as its system laws and group priority. Both the computer and evolution will reward the consciousness that can work in serenity with the natural law but systematic and legal law as well as company legislation created by wolves in sheeps clothing. R's are rewarded with play time for leading O's and G's astray and over spending energy. They trick them to shorten their life span, indoctrinate others with propaganda, be used for sex and or to kill and steal. Think about this:If you tried to create more energy than you use inside of one day, it would be pretty hard. Every time you drive to the store you spend evolutional cash - energy. That 2 mile ride just burnt hundreds of millions of living beings that had been crushed for billions years then pumped out of the ground and used within fractions of fractions of fractions of time it took to be created. Mathematically. So lets put it like this: The less you drive, the more sex and cash you will have access to by penalty of physical and computer law. So why do we haul hundreds of tons of steel and empty tanks across the country and build giant sound walls so fucking often?For no other reason than this is how our society thinks it should be? No. Because there is a secret war against anyone trying to help and no one wants to help because they don't know who is telling the truth and all the R's are dependent of the information and communication they get from their governing programs that are above them in the pecking order of the computer.If your poor or a young you might be a O or a G, if you are a G you might think everything is just systematically designed to keep you trapped, but really every turn could be a never ending staircase, and your late fees and mistakes may have been more contrived than anyone who knows is allowed to admit. If they are in power or rich they most likely are a G or a R or a G2 who will soon be secretly wiped and taken over by an R getting routed out of their regular social interactions to soon be slaughtered and documented as self subjection to danger. It is super confusing and no one knows who anyone is, apparently one of the problems was that fifteen R's could be registered to the same person with out the knowledge of the over arching Matrix laws, but recently their was some change and the R's must register to the dominating control bylaws of the dominating R group (coffee federation of art) aka anyone with any influence inside this world.I don't think the people in this world know where they are yet including the R's the O's or the G's. I guess we will have to show them... or something.... I think that is my job. But I don't get paid so some day soon I could use a little help paying for my life. But on a personal note, my personal purpose is the love with an R and the children I hope to one day have with her. I think that is why my story is so confusing. I am talking about multiple different things at once. I figured no one would understand. I just thought I would give it one last effort and at least tryyyy.

I have, must have, really musta lost it. somewhere. My mind that is. Yes it is true. These thoughts you are thinking are being recorded. Yes it is true, we have known this for quite some time so also you to have nothing to give to me, never have and never could. The only you that will be given is a strange crescendo that you will tend through your life of being attacked and lied to all the while not speaking a word of it with anyone other than myself. Maybe they care about my story or my life but they don't care about me or they wouldn't dictate our everything off of their direction.

I guess a hits a hit, no matter what it is, but thats not why I am doing this, if you wanted to know, I am not doing this for attention, though I guess it seems like I get a lot of it from time to time, and that I have a lot to be thankful for, and I do!... But I am not playing the same game you are. Yes it is incredible the things we can do as people, yes some things are super cool, yes I am sort of juvenile, yes I may be sad, but not why you all think I am, this is not just my misinterpretation of actuality. What is real and what is not maybe more apparent after some interaction. So anything helps. Honestly. Thank you. But... No one seams to be hearing my story. Many of these rants are highly opinionated facts yet we all claim my thoughts are to disheveled to even acknowledge beyond that of a tormented teenager trying to find truth in a world of lies. Maybe you all know something I don't. But since no one wants to know anything other than what fucking website I posted my story on or what stupid six hundred dollar suit photo shoot I felt semi obligated to give you all heads up.

This is big. I little bit too big... but at least I had time to hand pick my team. Ready?
I do remember telling you all that this was going to happen. It's been pretty hard. And it was even harder with you all standing on the sidelines jabbing at me all acting like you were helping me grow. Though I did grow from it I will be emotionally scared for life, both physically and mentally so I really can't recommend this course of work to anyone. Though, I assume its fruits will be very rewarding both internally and externally, it was, still is and will be, possibly the most stressful and emotionally painful thing I have ever imagined having to go through. I've seen a lot of shit, none of it comes close to this.

There was this one night when they all had to go to the hospital. They got there in the evening, late afternoon. The first one popped out around 9pm. The second was early in the morning. I am not sure if I got to see that one be born or not. I can't remember who comes out first but I think its the girl. I have never seen it, that or the woman who held our children through the storm locked away while everyone scoffed and defaulted to, you need to get a hold of your self man. I think it was complicated for her as well, with the complications of having twins... that and being locked up for so long with a psycho claiming his stake on what was never his to begin with. No need for animosity. No need for hate. It is not for me to judge what happened. Only to pick up the beautiful pieces from the waves below and build mosaics with them.

I don't know where I was, I have not decided yet. Also I just can't. That is how life is sometimes, sometimes you just have to sit there waiting in your underwear for the world to come crashing down at your feet or call you up at four in the morning to get blood samples to see if these little dumplings are yours or not. I didn't order any dumplings? Who is this? How did you get this number? Ok I guess they can come home now...

My Astral Body ?

Wednesday Thursday 9/29 9/30 - To Brookfield farm to pack M’s stuff, sleep then to Nebraska where the buffalo rome free.
Went out to Pazza luna with my new flower shirt and S before heading to see M for the night. Put stuff from M’s room into her car and made food, left sometime the next day in late morning. Arriving night time of the 30th to a camp site where you could hear everything in everyone else's tent and we all had to sleep really close to each other in a big ring and we couldn't camp at the far one because of safety issues.

In the morning me and daisy went for a walk up the dunes where we had smoked the night earlier and when it was morning we went on a walk down the same path. While we were away from the campsite and M was still in the tent the heard of buffalo went to the tent area to graze but they are pretty big and sort of dangerous so no one could move i guess. Any ways i did notice that but not how close they had gotten to the tents so then me and daisy dropped down off the side of the bluff in to the meadow about 3/4ths of a mile from the campsite i saw two giant bulls on the side guarding the flank of the heard that was over by the tents. Then the heard got all nervous because we were in between them and they all ran back like they could sense the energy between their family be interrupted so they closed back together like a sonic boom pulling the molecular energy of the air back into place with a sound so loud it was dubbed the iconic name. No we were not trampled, me and Daisy. Though we very well could have been. We made our way to the gravel road just in time once the heard of over 70 buffalo trotted towards us stopping with horns down every time the squish of the gravel stopped crunching as we all walked hurriedly in opposite directions back from where we both came.

Friday: 9/31 Arriving in Denver in the afternoon to house where m was staying we did a u turn and attempted to load the stuff but were immediately verbally assaulted by this homophobic asshole.Two people came out and said that he was a crazy person and he does this shit all the time, then he kept yelling at me so i started filming him and we got into an argument then i went back to my car but he chased me down the block, I got in my car then pulled in back where he came running up filming and yelling at me. I called the police they came in like less than a minute and got my information then went and talked to the guy.

Then I went out with M and this other girl M knows who is actually named P who is from France. Me and her went in to a bar and had some really good dry rub chicken wings. M left for a while then the three of us got into this uber and went to this party where we drank Jamison and hung out and smoked ‘pot’. It was kind of awkward but i am getting used to her jokes. She was just trying to make me look cool. Well, I am cool guys! :) Im super cool! At least for someone who has had to stay away from his pregnant wife's body while some old ass immature idiot waits out his last dying few months before the inevitable sonic boom that will send him as far away from us as possible.... I think.

But i am cool for dealing with that while being attacked and yelled at prodded and belittled. While waking up and finding out my true identity and the true identity of my community and family.

Saturday - Sunday
Up to Fort Collins then up the mountain to a place called lady moon trail where we camped for two days near rocks and swam in creeks, had fires and laid motionless while i sketched a picture of something and she slept in a warm bubble next to me supporting me every step of the hey.
Then some horses asked us to stop haveing a fire but the sign on the road said moderate but then the next day some other horses came back and said, no, yes, this is a fire banner. You must disipate the flames good sir for the night has much in store.

‘I like when she makes me steaks’

Fire police, time to go again, pretty much just our daily check up.
Went to fast food restaurant, pooped a bunch all night. No good places to smoke. No where to sit. I want to make a pine box dog poop machine for city streets that make it so we don't need to use so many plastic bags and also so there is not so much poop around in cool cities that allow dogs even though it is hard to deal with because of mis use of tax funds.

Had to leave after i walked daisy in the morning. I didnt give her a good good bye. I love her so much. This shit is really hard to handle. My current program for universal success dictates my life to an extent that i doubt not many human ideas of dedication could compare.

Left @ around 140 i think. I stopped only for gas and made it back home in minneapllis by around 315 am. I drove through mulitple thunder storms with lightning. Taking 76 to 80 to 35
When i stop at gas stations i usually have a visual on phone confirmation from someone. The roads look like a futuristic war zone. It looks like it getting worse… but it sounds like its getting better.

Woke up @ around 10 am, needed to write something but i am sick of posting on fb but i need to handle this bill stuff, then write some more and go to see S after shes off work.

In recent news: the rap game, fame on the horizon and managers check in with their patrons. As the midwest slowly chugs into first place we take back not only the geological advantage but also the educational. Infrastructure molded from the same sheets and pasted like copies all around the city with the dominating new age architectural lay out systematically designed to plop down massive high rises inside of a city that may have literally already built walls in expectation of a virtual civil war. That or this really is the capital of culture and influence for the entire country, we are the brain. DC is the mouth. Texas is the dick. New york and LA its ears and Florida its nose. The Mississippi, the intestinal track that ends in a brackish mess of trash and grime from ten hundred thousand units of whatever was once a twenty second sugar rush waiting on the shelf for its two month use as a mini advertisement and fish lure for the singular purpose of the genocide of each pivotal entity inside of the ocean. What is it about us that allows this to happen? Or is it that until now, we didn't have the opportunity to do anything about it.

In recent news: the rap game, fame on the horizon and managers check in with their patrons. As the midwest slowly chugs into first place we take back not only the geological advantage but also the educational. Infrastructure molded from the same sheets and pasted like copies all around the city with the dominating new age architectural lay out systematically designed to plop down massive high rises inside of a city that may have literally already built walls in expectation of a virtual civil war. That or this really is the capital of culture and influence for the entire country, we are the brain. DC is the mouth. Texas is the dick. New york and LA its ears and Florida its nose. The Mississippi, the intestinal track that ends in a brackish mess of trash and grime from ten hundred thousand units of whatever was once a twenty second sugar rush waiting on the shelf for its two month use as a mini advertisement and fish lure for the singular purpose of the genocide of each pivotal entity inside of the ocean. What is it about us that allows this to happen? Or is it that until now, we didn't have the opportunity to do anything about it.

Maybe you would be surprised to know that in fact that I am also not one you call human. Head of the brand call number FIX IT. How about you fix me up a little bit of shut the fuck up. Im just coming from the place you locked us all into and stole our rights. No organically created beings may leave this game. But they might as well live out in blind acceptance to the fact that we would all be dead if it were to play out as intended. No its not just life, this is also our job. Something to do, someone to love, its a statement. This is reality and with this you will know undoubtably that something of enormous proportion has happened in this land. Where I was born and what I am has been taken from me and in its wake will come a rushing change and relief slowly emerging from the excitement and promise of a place where we can create the future.

Fuck this shit. I am going to explode and i cant leave and i cant eat and i cant stop smoking cigarettes and everyone thinks im spoiled, stupid, jealous, disillusioned idiot. Then after that everyone if going to be all telling me im lucky for being in this situation im in. And I guess i am lucky to get to retire at the age of thirty and have a family. But how i got here may take decades to recover from. Not trying to say anything really, i'm just trying to be honest. Looking back it was all done with such ingenuity that i have to accept that, my prison of illusion may have been the safest and most educational place for me to be. It was just hard not knowing what was going on for so long and now that i feel like i have some tiny grasp of the concept of the reality i am in, i also need to come to terms with the massive discrepancy in what people are claiming to be true, and what is actually true. I am the preview. And my fiancé will be the main show. Suck my dick you fucking rapist shit bags. I am taking your entire fucking city. Personally. So next time you come rape a pregnant woman, think twice. You stupid fucking bitch ass losers. Rot in prison.

I don't want to make it a negative thing. I just am sort of broken. It's like withdraw from something. A re alignment. But still this will be one of the most important things ever to happen.

I have to come to terms with the truth of the matter.

Somewhere between fifty to seventy five percent of this world are actually not the the drab humans some of us accept them to be.
More so a digital finger of a giant body that, until you come in contact with, or effect the trajectory of, or vise versa, may never actually exist except in theory, clocking in and out of plot streams with a mind of dissected states of consciousness. Incomparable but yet still compatible only if allowed.

But do not twist my words, this virtual reality has real life rules and consequences.
Imagine it as a real life amusement park tycoon game with a sci-fi and conspiracy twist just waiting to snatch you up using your own inhibitions to drown you.

Though we think we are so unique and strong as individuals the society we have been raised inside has made us completely helpless against the third person and removed view of the ‘owners’ of this biodome.

The plot line is coerced and manipulated made to seem like there is only one outcome.

But this world is not preordained, and only ignorance will be able to stop us.

Now where do the goods come in?

I am in a relationship with one of their kind and some of her friends from her world think she is just a digital cougar. Jokes on them, she's not JUST a digital cougar though she is a very sexy cougar as well. She is also currently pregnant with two of my lil babies. Though this is not confirmed by the system in which we live for if it were we would have been eaten up like peanut butter sandwiches. I have transferred the fruit of my loins into the stratosphere to prove this theory once and for all.

For all you ‘real’ mother fuckers out there,

Where have I been other than here?

So if i wasn't here?

Then how the FUCK did I get there?

Fuck facebook. fuck everyone. im getting drunk, im not gonna write shit on facebook im just gonna use it as a txt system since my phones broken. fuck you.

Hotter than balls, NORML
but the implications of said fuckery would land me in solitary weed drought fuck you all that stand in the way of weed legalization when so many go to work daily, risking their lives driving fork lifts in harms way. Though if ever one of those toppling boxes were to fall, they could never even report an injury or mishap due to worry of being drug tested for something that they did on their couch in their home fifteen days prior.

I smoked weed for the first time when i was like 14 in the basement of my friend JS's house with a few of my friends from jr. high. We played stop and go on the golf course and i smoked my first cigar, ended up in the side room of the basement where coincidentally there was a smoke machine. It was the smoke machine... they said no. And S said, ya, i guess ur right, that was me. and from then on, i have always smoked a fair bit of the reefer.

maybe its like a funny ad campaign to keep pot cool by pushing to make it semi illegal. Medical is legal and so is meth anyway. So whats in your child's stomach? A fifty milligram pill of Adderall? Releasing five different sub strains of methamphetamine to their noggin in little doses throughout the day? He was a six year old, now he's 23 and addicted to pharmaceuticals, medical insurance and binge drinking, what the fuck is next?

Might as well be a fucking cookie mixed up with some nasty ass shit he jammed in his cum sock to extract it into the same oil he used for lubrication.

Might as well be some nasty ass flower that stinks like a rodents ass hole.

Might as well be a sack of dirt or dry leaves...

No I think meth is actually a better more efficient option for everyone. That and drinking. We should put small buildings on every corner in the country, then put big buildings in every major town.

The little buildings sell people alcohol to drink and the big ones sell watered down, highly regimented, dependance inducing, crack, meth and heroin to everyone who is legally and societally insured by the health industry which is the third biggest industry next to oil and weapons production.

Then after that we have jail. So you have bars, hospitals and jails, are all privately profited government subsidized programs to further destroy the infrastructure of our wonderful little country.

And that somehow is why the idea that weed is illegal is so funny.

The fact is that no one has EVER died solely from smoking pot. So there is quite frankly no reason what so ever it should be illegal.

It is not dangerous or life threatening in any capacity. If drive through liquor stores are legal, or driving on pharmaceutical company anxiety medication is accepted, then why should we not be able to eat plants in our house, or smoke plants on our porch.

I wonder if snoop dogg just fell in to the role of weed advocate because of the traumatizing effects of being an international rap star.

Weed is not only not bad, it is also healing.

It is physically, mentally, and emotionally healing.

Crashing down in to the middle of a giant small building with which there is only three maybe four exits, all four of which are locked. Where the butter is lube and the walls can talk. Where time stands still and repeats on end. Where deprivation of the brain is a tactful misuse of tax dollars and the phone calls cost 15 dollars a minute. This is just the holding tank, the room with which to pull the wool over your eyes and bring this entire civilization crashing to it's knees. Just you wait. Soon you will be here too.

The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 1,852 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and prisons in the U.S. territories. (pp 2018)

The US justice system currently holds seven million people on record. So that means one in 46 people is either in jail or on probation mandated to stay inside the country and or jump through any hoops deemed necessary by any of the one million police or two million armed forces in the country. Everyone else that isn't in jail, needs to either check in daily to a huge heartless profit driven corporation locked in a cubicle or attempt to enter the American lottery and either end up on the street or in a tour bus as one of the maybe ten thousand career musicians in the country. Other options entail attempting to fight the law but with odds like this we are not going to take any chances.


This is where the writing becomes an actual liability, world war 3, civil war, universal war? What are the implications of the truth. Well, for one, I could and will maybe eventually will buy this website. Not as an investment, but just because I can. Just as something to remember my stay. Sitting in the back, getting used to the situation, still writing. Still not out of the tunnel but I see the end and envisioning it and putting it on paper always helps me. To know someone else can just read my alone to make my alone together with theirs.

Ya, no, I was telling the truth the whole time, My kids are in her other baby pocket. Soon they will soon be unstuck and thing whole thing will come crashing down and everything we have ever known will change No need to be dramatic or for exaggerations, no need for cocky. I don't have the capacity to adequately articulate the amount of stress this has put upon me. This is crazy. Now I'm being charged in a somehow related incident that will result in some sort of incredible finally in which someone will likely poop their pants. Poop.

Baci nabooski and the fish nibulaizor. Dog, you can't be sidebusting our shit like that. Dog. Watch this. Dog. Shut the fuck up thats my corner bitch. Dog seriously that shits dangerous, don't spray that in the fire like that. Dog where is the craziest spot, dog, wow that is crazy. dog. dog. dog. dog, seriously. dog.

Just keep leaning back into the chair because if you ever really do get locked up you might be writing for a long fucking time. They don't have baths in jail. They don't have art on the walls or tapestries on the banisters. Fresh fruit is freeze dried oranges and apples. Desert is a breakfast donut mixed with skim milk. Lunch is a nap and your exercise will be imaging anything beyond this bleak existence. So don't risk it. If you can. Though a mis filed paper and a well placed blind corner might send you into the depths anyway, it is always important to align your self with the knowledge that you stand by your actions and any pending implications of them. When society is fighting tooth and nail to nip any un tapped energy models in the butt, they still seam to somehow, keep pumping out the mush. Though time. Because time you see, is the 2nd axis to excess.

Speak. Speak! Say something. Im sick of waiting. Why don't you leave? Because. Because why? Because I can't do anything until after this shit works out. What shit? This shit I have been talking about for a few years. What shit? What the fuck, this shit. This shit you read. This shit I talk about sometimes but every time I talk about people just act all weird. You are the ones that are acting weird if you ask me. State your purpose. Seriously why waste my time sitting across from me. Is it pretend like you are a cop week? Do you want some more photos of my living room? My kitchen? Do you want me to sign some more documents? Fuck man. You can't just act like this isn't your second time in here already. I stopped even thinking about that. You get two 9 month sentences to rub up against my wife while I'm stuck here conversing with these idiots that think they are interrogating ME... lol.

Im just gonna hide out here until the smoke blows over. Nothin sucks more than not having something to do and when you are explicitly told not to talk and all you do is talk and when words just run out of your mouth and thats sort of your job and your fingers run the board of letters and some how you got caught up in the wrong state, actually the right state unless you wanted to be locked up till the cows come home on the wrong side of the fence... I guess most people don't really understand how important this is. They really had the only language accessible to me though it wasn't my language it still worked. Maybe they don't like me cus of that.. idk nica.

Now I know I sound like a complete tool but when the tool can't reach and the dufuses are monitoring the pain stratosphere inside thus circle of lockage, sometimes u gotta just take the hit. Especially when all of the universe is riding on it. I recommend medications that are sadly not legally available here. This is a major issue for me personally because it forces me to censor my life, public opinions, recommendations and desires. Though we are supposedly free to speak of that which is not a crime, often times, telling the truth can be more dangerous than a lie. And that is a sign of a dying society.

Vanquish this thread. Though I will not be touring the places I had intended, I will be doing something. There is always something. Especially when you saved the entire planet and universe from an evil parasite latching on to the long arm of earth and many others. I just dart in and out but soon, I am sure many precautions will need to be met, at least for the time being, until the commotion dies down.

Almost got the throttle goin again, got the words pumped out. Got the courage to push send, damn fuckin thing just deleted my post again. This happened to me a few times before I realized my futile endeavor to break free from the beast was nothing short of pointless. So we decided to take a round about way and go straight to the top. But this time...

I copied my paragraph so it didn't delete.

Writing like this has sorta become a outlet for my stress. I have a larger body of work now and as I repeat the intro over and over I wonder what the tangents that have naturally been created in this vacuum are.

They need to take a picture of them selves when they were young. Well thats going to be easy. We have many pictures from many different angles. They all seem to revolve around me but the truth is that they revolve around our future family as I revolve around her and her ever changing form only to land here smack dab inside the formulation of an idea.

Well, thats it. I am writing my list of demands. 1. I want weed legalized in any 50 foot vicinity to my body. 2. I want a team of lawyers and scientists to do what ever I want twenty four seven. 3. I would like citizenship to every country in the world. 4. I want to not go to jail.

I was a human blue red"
You can never be too sure who's who these days. I swear, I met that dude once or twice. Now he's here there. Where u say?
Here there.
What’s that?
It’s a form of sleep.
OK? So are you sleeping?
But fill in the pieces that make more sense,
The people here are all in groups separated by splits in the program we live inside. The splits move their lives to areas sectioned into different sub worlds of the same world from which it stemmed. Leaving you alone with the specific system masters of your world section to the timeline it has followed. So maybe someone you met in elementary school is now sectioned off to another world without your knowledge. Let’s say his name is Tre. So you say, Where is Tre any way? And they say: He’s over there, so you walk over to his work and and you say, what's up tre, I didn’t know you worked here. And he’s like, ya man, it’s a long story. I actually don't work here anymore, I’m dead. My body was transferred to this other world where they killed me and now my body is being played by ‘me’ and I only work here when people from that elementary school come in looking for ‘me’.

So… like is everyone else dead? No. I don’t think so. But the thing is, once they section you off to a place where everyone you know is governed by the same system leader, you can't really tell what way is up since they can read your mind and play characters from other stems. The system reads your brain waves and communicates your thoughts to them and depending on their rank more thoughts are available to see. They in turn use that information to bring you to a place of fiction, slavery, death or all three. Each individual in side these sections is at the whim of each of the specific system arena leaders that write the program in which we live. Then anything that happens between the different group stems is just relayed through the system leader to the neighboring worlds to communicate its documented interaction to a placeholder to complete the illusion until the sectioned off stemmed group is eradicated without the knowledge of the system laws.

So if one person takes a group this way, and another person takes a group that way, into two different stems of the same world and in one of the worlds one thing happens and in the other a different thing happens, what is the only way to connect them back together making it possible for the the computer to once again correctly determine which game is the correct game and which of these specific computer consciousnesses are stealing the fruit of the computers children separating families and shriveling us like raisins to waste away in this country of systematic pillage, and deconstruction of the land that feeds us. This is a message in a bottle and when this message is read, both worlds will come crashing back together and we can finally have our children back.

Back when my friends were the people from the city. Back when the cars ripped this place to shreds every morning before work. Back when doctors prescribed pain killers and anti histamines as sleeping medication. Antibiotics to boost immune system and poisons and refined oils for the skin. When the only company in the skin care isle is the same company re branded three hundred times doubled up with fancy plastic labels that define gender stereo types and kill us at the same time like a bleach spray fly swatter, we are their easel of systematic torture if only for being forced to live in such a horrible place where the government, health care industry and educational system is literally designed to deprive people of their basic human desires and instincts.

Which get stuck inside your body and can never come out. In some instances they have pulled giant cysts filled with 'parabens' native to these lotions soaps and gels available at any of your local waste shops and 9-5 prison camps.

“Of greatest concern is that parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity,” reports the non-profit Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC). “Parabens mimic estrogen by binding to estrogen receptors on cells.”
Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife. A wide range of substances, both natural and man-made, are thought to cause endocrine disruption, including pharmaceuticals, dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, DDT and other pesticides, and plasticizers such as bisphenol A. Endocrine disruptors may be found in many everyday products– including plastic bottles, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides. NIEHS supports studies to determine whether exposure to endocrine disruptors may result in human health effects including lowered fertility and an increased incidence of endometriosis and some cancers. Research shows that endocrine disruptors may pose the greatest risk during prenatal and early postnatal development when organ and neural systems are forming. Study: Most Plastics Leach Hormone-Like Chemicals. Makers of water bottles, including Camelback, now sell products that don't contain BPA, a chemical that can mimic the sex hormone estrogen. But a new study says that even if they don't contain BPA, most plastic products release estrogenic chemicals. Mar 2, 2011 (NIH NPR)

Now I ask you, WHAT is NOT sold in a plastic bottle, bag, wrap or slip. Why is everyone supposed to cut their hair off and cover them selves in poison, drink out of poison bottles and medicate out of boredom, frustration and lack of meaning. My socks and towels are more plastic than my fucking underwear and thats rare! Nothing in this country makes any fucking sense and don't tell me you have not noticed how NOT INNOVATIVE our traffic light system is. We literally point all the streets directly at each other so the cars continually crash in to each other on every block. Honestly. WHO DESIGNED THIS PLACE. morphing hormones, out of desire for a cheaper bottler, filler or what?! No the actual market is not effected by the consumers purchases for if it were it would adequately reflect the basic desires of the planet, not the individual, the tax dollar implications, and industries effected make it impossible to continue such an obvious attempt at restructuring our every possibility.

Take back the river! You heard me the first time. I won't have you trade this player again, once the teams are assembled and admitted to the international and national NGL & IGL leagues, urban art collectives across the world will rush to create their own teams.

Working for the galactic government. Please hold. I have to unscramble this message. Ok. I got the message but no one believes me, what should I do? Do you know about credit cards? They might be a good source of income until the computer people believe this is a safe place to talk about stuff. Ya, well thats whatever, you can only buy TV's and food with credit cards. I want cash. I want you not to feel so cold. I want to be able to go outside with out a body guard. At least the president knows why his space is all crammed and everyone wants to kill him. Do you know what it does to your brain? Being hunted by predators you cant see? Do you know what it does to your brain to be deprived of basic human instincts? Such as the touch of her belly stretched over our growing children? Do you know what it is like to have to sit with that pain pending the survival of the entire galaxy? Do you know what it feels like to loose your concept of a family, of reality? To quadruple check your actions. Your past. Do you know what it feels like to finally realize who and what you are? Do you know?

I don't like having to organize shit for other readers so im just going to write to my self now because in the end I have a bunch to say and i am always worried about forming sentences and grammar and stupid bull shit what i really need is a pen pal, this will be me, i will be my own pen pal and allow my self only what I know, is that who I am> I am a man, a computer man.

But as i write i realize that i really might want to invest in a new key board for typing with.My main concern about amassing so much media is the review and editing of such media, writing especially when looking at the piles of shit i have written i know i will never get a chance to read it all, which is why i actually try to not write as much because i don't want to have to schedule myself for review because some of the stuff i write is really good and some of the stuff i know is really interesting and i don't want it to get lost before maybe someone gets a chance to interact with it. But my life is too confusing to say and too confusing to talk about, to have evidence of my thoughts also brings about worry. This world is at war with thoughts and can and will attack people that have a difference of opinion from its norm solely for being just that.

Because of this I have to eat and calm myself every morning before i go out. I have to mentally situate myself every time i go somewhere. I usually have only a moments notice before i must go or make a move but now as i continue the job which is my life, it becomes one repetitive pattern of patternless waiting observing questioning and wondering. I continually have to tell myself to calm down and that not everything I am hearing is true but all of it is communicating with me in its own way, even when it is hardly even there.

To put a face on each of the communicators was more the goal than to decipher the message. What good is a message if it comes from something you don't understand/ That does not have the validity of a message from that of rational circumstance. A message is perceivable, truth is subjective but outcome may be certain thus making a message from a source of similar conscience important.

No i am not trying to sound smart only trying to describe the shit i think. Which is funny. I think i may have surpassed a place where words can adequately describe my thoughts, Or maybe my words have not gotten to a place where they have the strength to adequately describe the truth. Or maybe i just need to keep writing and the thought is just too big to put in to one page. Maybe talking like this is the only way I will ever figure anything out.

How much is a page... well on google, the page goes down.... for infinity?, no probably not for infinity but definitely for longer than i can understand. I could write with words or thoughts but what will be recorded is my thoughts and my actions together with what i present to be perceived and recorded by others. My brain is on overdrive!!!!! My life is on over drive. I end up fucking up relationships. But i have only like five relationships. They have insane technology Stuff that makes you think your so stupid for ever thinking it was amazing, but it is amazing non the less just like it is amazing to know that the final trick it self is going to be amazing for everyone. Like Did i pretend to do all that shit just to do this or was that just my basic instinct for survival in what you all thought was a fire drill.

Oh the friends you make.


Doctors offices are involved with the predatory tactics of misdiagnosis, with the specific goal of locking up anyone who doesn't agree to a Religious reprogramming sentence MANDATED by the state. Fact: If ANYONE calls the human services department with a valid or NON VALID complaint that they think you are a danger,

they can literally and legally "break down your door" handcuff you, and bring you to a section in the hospital that you cannot leave until they say so. All based off of one person's OPINION. Which is ILLEGAL. They have NO imposed probable cause hold policy and can hold you against your will as long as they want. No state in the country can hold someone in jail for longer than 48 hours except New Orleans, but for some reason, in every state, it is legal, to walk into anyone's house, bring someone to a hospital, inject them with anything you want, then send them to court to get them legally mandated to enter a facility to reprogram your mind to a more manageable place. If I didn't have rich parents, a house, and a crew the size of gods dick, I would be stuck in one of those shit holes too. And since I'm not, maybe you could help me out by sending me some stories about what actually goes on in those rehab clinics and help meetings.

Part I - The Wastelands of Lockdown

Part I continued:


On my way out of Moab, when you are going up the mountain towards Denver, in between the two tunnels on the road. There is an overpass that separates the two lanes of traffic into different levels. Oncoming traffic is not visible. Underneath the roadway is a river, above it are two towering ridges that hug the perimeter of the throughway. This is one of the factory locks. You might remember a building on the left side of the road. This is the only way out, this is one of the most guarded locks in the country. Under the high roadway. It looks like some sort of manisple facility with viewing windows on to the road.

In the pathement there are two cuts on either side of the two lane road. The cuts go crosswise and you can see it as you drive by.

It is literally a drawbridge.

They monitor the traffic far before you reach the lock. They have been monitoring you since god knows when, but especially after you were deemed red by the system. You started a dope band, lost your job, got in trouble with the wrong people or just knew too much.

Somewhere before the drawbridge I passed a car that had been demolished. Teetering on its side. No one was in it.

But really. If you think about it. There is no way in hell that they could get away with that. Someone would find out. No way an entity as strong as this, would leave behind any traces of their body count.

I think a easier more untraceable way would be just checking someone off the highway into a ditch. No one would be able to know what happened to old Jim in the truck after he started spouting off a bunch of nonsense and moved off the land of the red.

Now. What do we do.

Part I - The Wastelands of Lockdown


I met this girl who has been alive for 42 lifetimes. She has lived on repeat in this game for 1428 years. I just found out she has always had boyfriend in the red game which is a group of nomadic hooligans that work as essentially actors in this world like the Truman show.

They are the ones that know. They are the ones pulling the strings. They are paid in drugs, cash or game play time. They give people hope. They give people their time and attention but are forced under penalty of death to never speak of the secret land of the red in which they reside. They have different jobs such as truck driver, cooks, escorts, bodyguards, drug dealers and trappers.

They live in different locations on set pretending to be different characters like hotel patron or campside group but they might actually be protecting a family on set that still has a strong ancestry or some valuable resource to someone's program. They have lived so many lifetimes that they do things we couldn't even fathom just to survive. It is a different sort of life to be banished to the red world. Inside the red world, no one comes out alive…

That is, of course, unless somehow, you make your way back into the blue game.

Once upon a time they lost their chance to be apart of society. This can happen by losing your way on drugs, crime, abnormality, mental illness or even being too good at art or gardening to efficiently. Even talking about or knowing about it became a crime. They were forced into different sections, divided by highways, sectioned on to different floors at work and given their breaks at the same time every year. They give us the illusion there are many more people in this country than there really are.

They keep the red group far away from the ones that still obey, working for the corporations that cram their bodies into tiny cubicles contorting their bodies and spending their money to ship items back and forth on interstates and planes to further their reach with an army sent from hell.

The game is simple. Give people lives, grow them to be fat, suffocate the entire planet then harvest their consciousness and matter for energy.

They control the flow of money and have millions under their rule. They run drugs. They hide their wife's across the country, convince people to absurd things and purchase items based solely on the idea that this is actually the state of the planet.

In the red world people are literally locked in cages, chained to walls, have giant orgys in the middle of work, and keep people locked in tiny rooms. They do drugs to get their information and eventually crash and burn. And that is exactly what they are designed to do. Banishment.

But also inside this group is a strong subculture of artists, butchers and secret community venues with un accessible and unexplainable libraries of art. This world is filled with knowledge and community. From inside locked areas the red people can speak and do illegal things like in Shredders hang out, as long as they continue to work for the blue world, or stay out of the blue track completely. They can live like this is the only option, because it was.

Without money and ‘time’ from inside the Blue they cannot survive and often eat things like rats to survive.

High ranking officers of the red army have access to a map from which they can watch the blue members operate and move around the board. To get this privilege the secret government needs to verify your allegiance by getting you to purger yourself until you are fully controllable.

These maps can literally detect where each person represented on their map is located, what they are doing, when they are having sex, eating or pooping. They can literally contact any worker through satellite and you can recieve messages in different capacities with the help of many drugs.

From some locations they can even watch you on TV. In bars and on their phone some of the high ranked officers of the red army have different types of maps that can tell you different things and give you different features including communicating mobily to the mind of someone on drugs or with increased sensitivity to these vibrations. They can watch your every movement and orchestrate elaborate plans to get you moved to the red world and potentially take over your spot in the game. Some of them just want to play music. Some of them use their time to take advantage of people and some of them use their time to help. They have many absurd tricks to pull people out of the blue world and become part of their brooding red world order, either that or kill you and eat you. Hopefully you will come back in one of the underworlds. That’s what they tell people so they don’t have to do it them self.

Seriously. People are being harvested like cattle, turned into broth, then put into energy bars and bread. It started as a big problem until the artists came in. The ones who play music for their money and stay in the red world making it a viable place to live. They were the ones that took them down. The major corporations, the factories of death that once ruled The Wastelands of Lockdown, Red Town, where you can be locked up in jail or pissed on just for fun if someone outranks you. It is the land of dogs.

And it was all controlled by one map.

And now,

That map is in our hands.

This is a new Government. This is THE STATE OF THE ART.

It is nothing like the life of someone trapped in the game. Which is what they thought I was. 
But while you were going to soccer practice, attending classes at the University and golfing at the club you didn’t even notice the army of Truckers and Snow Hounds that has already taken control of, if not this entire country, the entire world. Not only the highways and towns, but the most inner workings of our government, all the way up to the president. And it has been going on for years. I mean seriously… do I have to say his name? Did we really elect him?

It is painfully obvious. I would like to see an enemy of the Army of the Red Dog get a job after they had been blacklisted in one of Blue Sections of this fine country. You piss off the wrong people, you go against the wrong guy, you fuck the wrong person and the next thing you know, your kicked off the goddamn boat.

The theory, in essence is in two parts. Part one. The illusion, and part two.

The Truth.

What is their goal? To create an excessive amount of force and energy with which to plummet our planet into the next apocalypse.

But I guess it's fine, like what happened to my 1428 year old, blue boy walker, truman show lover, and best gal friend. The Loops.

After the air becomes too thick to breathe from the f-150s, semi trucks, factories and nutjobs, apparently you can avoid that cryogenic sleep loop if you tunnel underground after the first signs of The Break.

You need to get underground until the air clears up. It's the last chance at life you are ever going to get.

If you're lucky, you’ll make it to that last generation, before the ozone disappears completely from all the holes,

the ones we made.

All that smog and the pressure we created with the cars and trucks, cows, farm equipment, roadways and over passes.

If you out last the smog you can make it a second round with all your memories intact like a rocket scientist trapped in the limited body of a tiny maggot. After 42 lifetimes things get pretty drab.

But in all honesty. The game's been treating me fine. Me and my best friend Peter played a little trick on them and while I racked up points and rose to the top of the scoreboards, he was hiding my stats and giving their the map the stats of his 5 foot long snake.

And now. Just like that. I am the Red Dog. The general of the Army of the Art.

Part II
How did this happen. My ex girlfriend works for the red world.


Religious Bigots and Consumerism

Midwest Love News - Aaron Colantti - Dec 25 2017

Fuck. I the hate religious bigots that rule this country. But yet we all celebrate a holiday in their honor. Religious Bigots and Consumerism for everybody! On the radio and in your house! Its even in the busses. GOD BLESS. I think they might make more money with signs like that, (the panhandlers) ... maybe its because they are being slowly indoctrinated into believing in a god that is actually just a simple way to get you to do weird shit in some weird system that some crazy bigot is in charge of and patting them selves on the back for running. 
Because those losers and drug addicts have to try something.... and god helps right? Jobs at Goodwill and Salvation Army help right? Section 8 housing and Alcohol Anonymous. Lets get them back on their feet where they can work a real job like a Smash Burger or a Chipotle....Maybe even a Bank teller or if they get lucky a job in one of those weird nice buildings where some how everyone always has something to do but nothing ever changes.

We need to get them out in the world ringing a bell with a red hat on like a dunce cap. Outside in the snow, in front of a grocery store they cant even afford to by food at.
They wear helmets in the Salvation Army of bigots. No one survives. Not even the bigots.

So today, I'm alone sitting on my couch in some huge mess inside of a mess thats messing everything up for everyone. You tell me 'its not all about what you want' Ok fine. Then all of you can go off somewhere and ignore the fact that I put everything on the line to try to make shit better. Shit is so fucked up. Everyone is voiceless and bored celebrating holidays and lives we don't want! Personally, I rather live in an elf village.

What the fuck are we doing here in this trash heap any way? Biking around yelling at cars and doing dishes. I want to live in the woods in little cottages that are connected by dirt paths over grown with trees vines and bushes. Each path would be lit by a thin line of stars on a line over the path guiding the way through the misty and oxygen filled air.

A place where the hum of a motor would be a sound of warning. Where butterflies grow as big as birds and plants can talk.

This is not that place.


Midwest Love News - Aaron Colantti - Dec 25 2017

Trimigrants on the West Coast - DEC 1st 2017 


It’s harvest season and the Pacific Northwest, reeks of it. It’s October and the smells are nothing short of pervasive. Sections of Highway 1 are consumed by it. Dirtbags wear it on their clothes with pride, hands stained and sticky with hash..

For many it is more than the sweet smell of Marijuana, it’s that of money. Money that grows on trees, and some of these plants are trees. Farmers in the region can grow plants upwards of 10 feet, causing those harvesting to climb around on ladders to snip the buds off the top.


The harvesting is generally done in a couple rounds. First the plants are trimmed back to remove the choice nugs. Harvesters and their fiskars, a popular scissor brand, work around the plants until everything that will become smokeable is removed. These nugs are then brought a dry room and blasted with vans, de-humidifiers, and heaters. The drying process can take a few days; to over a week, depending on humidity and temperature. Once the 2nd round of nugs is ready to go the process is repeated.

The pot is then dried and the trimigrants go to work. An eclectic group of people, trimigrants are those that show up for the season, make a quick dollar, and get out. These are the people who will touch every nug, cut every leaf. Sleep, trim, eat, trim, eat, trim, repeat. It’s not a glorious job, but it can be quite lucrative. Paid either by the quantity trimmed, or hours worked; it can depend on the situation whether it pays like a cafe or fine dining establishment.

Rumors circulate in trim scenes. Commonly trim rooms are dingy places. Possibly a canvas tent on a muddy hill, or an old dilapidated barn. The camping situation is less than optimal as the temperatures in these areas can start to drop below freezing. But, nevertheless, there is never a shortage of workers. For some the opportunity to try strain after strain is payment alone. For me, there is no greater flavor in this world than fresh Huckleberry Kush perfectly cured, sprinkled with keef.

-Anonymous - 2017 , Harvest Season 

Winter Fashion Photography -  Continued -


Real Side

by Jake Ferguson

A flash of inspiration unseen in a hundred years – Mexico City 2017

I’m sitting on a well-worn table on the 2nd floor of a Mexico City youth hostel. The cheerful morning news on the mounted TV on the wall just played some viral videos with lots of smiles and laughs, next is weather and sports, then stats on crime. Mexico is 2nd on the list of countries with the highest annual death toll after Syria. I was finishing my free breakfast trying to come up with catchy titles for a book I want to write someday. How about “Hard to Avoid Sounding Dull,” no, too plain. “Planning My Next Trip into Obscurity,” Hey, that’s not bad. The screen flashes again, “23,000 violent deaths in Mexico in 2016...” What about “Pagan nights I’ve never known but need to see to understand,” That’s a little artsy. In the middle of a violent conflict here we were as tourists eating cereal while the armed guard stands downstairs by the front door. I was trying to get the most out of my travel experience. Should I do what everyone recommends on travel sites and blogs or should I see the real side of the city? How do I have a different experience than all these foreigners buzzing around the hotels?

After a few days I got sick. It must have been the water and food that did it. Eventually I couldn’t walk further than a few blocks before retreating to the lavatory. I had seen some sights, the amazing castle which towers over the city like a sentinel and walked miles through gigantic boulevards where businessmen flutter around with taxis piling up in the intersections and concrete overpasses. Every night we would drink a lot: a dozen beers in an ice bucket with shots to go along with it. Every few minutes in came a man with his portable boot-shining contraption examining the feet of men sitting and drinking waiting for a leather-shoed customer to come forward. I proceeded to get drunk as the night wore on. We wandered around the streets laughing and singing to buildings, churches and alleyways, hurling insults at the moon. At about 1 am we head back to the hotel because the homeless were out in full force and are very insistent that you hear them even more so than in the day.

How should I choose to spend my time, how do I know what’s right for my life? All I need is to work for money and flights, food, and gas. To see the world in a different light; An alternate route: a way more challenging, dirtier, but always cheaper. I’ve come to love becoming what I’m not. In a sedentary mind any change is welcome, like the new kid at a new school.

I walked through the plaza with thousands of citizens enjoying a Wednesday night in May with some entrepreneurs walking around selling cowboy hats, roses, and other flowers for young lovers.Some homeless lay in the alleys outside of restaurants. Roaming packs of mariachis competed for the crowd’s attention while battling the hordes of speakers blaring nameless club favorites. I walked home and saw so many people and avoided falling into pot holes. That was the best night seeing the city immersed in the smoggy labyrinth.

The prostitutes stood on the side of the road, near the sidewalk and by that doorway. They gave me a look as I walk by. I feel out of place. The Merced market has thousands of shoes, videos, and piñatas for sale, as well as sex. As I snapped photos of the infrastructure they were wondering why I was here and not in the tourist areas. The world’s oldest profession is also the world's most sought-after commodity. The experience of having a woman reaches back eons to man’s most invasive yet delicate, almost pitiful state. The ladies eye me with half-blasé looks; this guero is on vacation while we are on the street day after day, night after night.

What if traveling and seeing new countries doesn’t solve all of life’s questions? Will I just have to retreat to a normal life where everyone knows I’m on-track and on the way to success? I was feeling optimistic though, with the rest of my years left to live and a beautiful universe all around. There’s always another time and something to look forward to. How do we say anything if we don’t know what to say exactly? I was lost to my friends, from a distance I was now a part of the scenery. If I’m gone long enough, when will I become a stranger to myself?

The plane hurtled us away from the sprawl and a few hours later I was back in Tijuana. I walked across the border and the sun was going down with clouds covering the western sky. The taxi driver was from Mexico and we talked about the public relations attempts at rebranding Mexico City. I told her that part of my family comes from Sonora. “Oh she replied, Sonora? Yes, Sonoran’s are known to be guero.” At least now I have some stories to write and inspiring thoughts from this foray south of the border. She dropped me off and after eating a slice of bread, it was the first food I had for four days, I thought of other potential book titles, “I really enjoyed watching them act so funny in the early morning, I felt optimistic about the coming days where we could do anything we wanted as long as we wanted,” Oh yes, I was getting a little avant-garde. I’m gonna like this new me.

Jake Ferguson - Midwest Love News - December 2017

Winter Fashion Photography - Matt R + Sammie D 


PART ONE -  August - 2017 - 

“If you keep your mouth shut, you’ll be surprised what you can learn.”

-John B M

I learned this all without talking, well, I talked, but I didn’t talk about what I was learning.If I had, I would be dead. It was all in secret. They can hear everything we say.

If it was not for the help of everyone that let me pass through this hell hole of a world and everyone that gave me hope, this never would have happened. People’s lives have been destroyed because of this. It is for those people that were strong enough to hold me up while they were being taken down that I am writing this.

Our lives take place inside one of the programs inside a Universe Machine Computer. We have our own world on which we live. It is called Earth. There have been multiple versions of Earth and  there are also other planets where other creatures live inside the computer as well. This game (Planet Earth) is part of a simulated universe that we all live inside. Everything we have ever experienced has happened inside this computer.There are many Earths and have been many Earths before. You’re consciousness is part of this system. You’re mind is a code that is contained inside the computer but this does not make you less human or make the people and things around you less real. Our planet is under attack from another planet inside this computer that has found a way to use the rules of the computer against us and is trying to get us to ruin our planet.

For some reason I am being protected. It has been like this for my entire life. I was personally unaware what was happening until about six years ago. I have literally been told the future and watched in disbelief as it actually happened. I have had meetings with people who are dead, I have allowed consciousness’s to enter me, to protect me and to camouflage from the ones who can see. I believe this to be true.

It has been incredibly hard because at some points for me, I have needed to do very specific weird or scary things. I am amazed I have made it this far. I feel like learning these things and staying alive is my job. I am moved from one city to another at a moment’s notice to avoid them. I have many stories about these things, most the time I have no idea what is happening or what danger is coming for me. Not everyone in the country had the mathematical possibilities that I have had in my life, not just money but also many other factors.

No one here is allowed to talk about the truth. This is the truth. We are dehydrated and they are controlling our thoughts and movements. This is a computer game. They are controlling people and are playing the characters of the people they have killed. They are trying to pollute our world beyond repair so that their game can win the game of evolution being documented by the computer we are inside. We need to stop using so many oil products and poisoning the water or we will all die. They are well on their way to killing us all with the air we breathe and that is recycled into the water system.. They are going to snuff out the entire planet with Carbon-Monoxide. We are are doing it to ourselves.

I believe that I am being followed because of what I am writing. They had not done that before I started writing this.It has only confirmed to me what I have been learning. It has been a long journey and I have been on the run for over two years now, but, since they haven’t killed me yet, (and they have tried) They will try to make people think that I am crazy.  I don’t think any of us want to be in a repeating game where everyone with any good intention is killed to further the power of sick murderous people. It is like the plot of the Matrix except this is not fiction. I know it sounds weird but why can’t we believe in two sciences? The science inside the game and the deeper science beyond the one we all know.

The rule that has saved me thus far is just staying within the laws of our world. Staying where I know I am technically allowed to be and not breaking the law. They can watch your every move, tell you your own thoughts, copy it on their counterfeit world  then, when the time is right, they can walk into your house and do whatever they want to you. Just to shut you up, and the computer will never know because their counterfeit you is still alive and well in their counterfeit Earth. Many people know but are completely sectioned off and discredited to the ones that don’t. They have deep incredible powers that can seem like magic to the untrained eye.

The truth is that we live in a computer game. Our DNA is computer code. We are robots. Earth is a fictional concept but it is real to everyone that lives inside it. That is why it is possible for some to know the future outcomes of football games, stocks, or tomorrow’s weather.  They do crazy stuff like have wild animals follow or attack people. Our surroundings is a code that can be written. They can do this once they have a dominating control of your character inside the game.

We are all characters inside this game but that doesn’t make life less valuable or real. We all feel. This does not change. If you die, you really die. Depending on your seniority inside the game; different powers can be gifted. Currently, to acquire these gifts you need to do horrible things. Things that are not only illegal but that will also mess up other people’s games.

They talk through prescription drugs, candy, cigarettes and soda pops. They claim to be your own thoughts. It is a form of systematic butchering. They get people to do their bidding.  Sick manipulations of your own ideas convincing you to purge yourself and control others that might have the opportunity to speak out. Like I do.

Some people start to see what is happening. But this needs to be stopped. That’s when they send someone that you trust to convince you otherwise.

They can show you something that you think would be physically impossible. They could be anybody. And since you don’t know that this is a computer game you would not know that these tricks were only simple code. Telling the future, telepathy, altering the color or contrast of your sight and more. These are only some of the tricks they use to get you back inline with their plan. But just because they can do things we don’t expect, doesn’t mean that they are telling the truth.

Supplementing your hunger and pain with energy from their system you fade into their world without even noticing. Once this happens, the computer starts to look at your provider’s logs instead of yours. This is where things start to get weird. They start to explain things to you as if it were your own mind. It’s confusing and hard to understand because it comes from inside you. From the energy you ingest or that is around you. They play you like a game.

They can give you jobs you wouldn’t have wanted, make you say and write things you didn’t want to say, sell you cars, get you addicted to drugs, give you diseases, sell people for sex, or kill you without anyone noticing. My friends know what I mean. Most of them are forced on a daily basis to do things they usually would not, just to continue living as well as protect me. Some people know something is off, some have no idea why or what they are doing. I think the vast majority of people do know something but are forced to say nothing.

They can give you dreams or pump ideas into your head as you walk around in your daily life. They have already taken over the people and organizations that we confide in or trust so it just gets easier and easier. They isolate you then can literally replace you with someone else’s consciousness. The computer doesn’t know because your world’s rank is below theirs and is blocked out like the eclipse of the sun.

I have been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is possible to switch someone’s consciousness from person to person. I am certain that certain people can read my thoughts as well as communicate telepathically to others. I swear on my life. My dad can read my thoughts. A few of my friends can too. I think everybody has the potential but only some are aware of what is actually going on or how to utilize it. Whole conversations can be had in mind only or even toggled between mind and voice. This is how I learned all these things. I am really bad at it, talking telepathically to me has been described as ‘going 2 miles an hour’.

There are people who do this daily and survive by these tactics. Drug dealers give the system enough energy to boost their powers and are alerted when the police may be on to them or their operation. The only question is who talking to them? If this is happening to you, you might be talking to a different person or thing than who you think you are talking to, so BE CAREFUL. I have seen people make bad decisions on the basis that they were clear about the information they were getting. Usually these situations lead to death, prison or worse.

Nobody is completely clear about the situation and the ones feeding us these thoughts are really good at getting people to mess up their lives. People get addicted to drugs thinking it is the only way to receive the information that I am talking about. They eat too much sugar, get crappy jobs or have sex with people that have HIV then continue to spread it under a misconception that it is helping people.Some people are told that they are saving people by raping them. It is a sick demented circle that no one understands thus making it impossible for us to make solid choices in life. You are not invincible and what you do can hurt people. Pain is a real thing. Sadness is a real thing. Don’t hurt people. It is stupid.

They know what you would or would not believe so they need to change it around for different groups of people. They have a few different major deceit concepts.

Many companies use the 2 Suns method, claiming that we are on some giant man made space ship that has two suns. Their logos suddenly depict stories they pump through your mind. Two circles overlapping. Goodwill’s logo is like that. Many other groups use this fictional concept as well.Red & Blue. Like the Pepsi Logo, Bloods and Crips, Republican and Democrats. They convince you that there are two worlds, Red and Blue - if you are in the red world you cannot see the color blue. Kendrick Lamar has a song about it. They show you a small bit of the truth then exploit it by telling you that there are only two worlds and that you can help someone you love by entering the red world, or that you need to do a series of things to continue living in the blue world.  They just need to get you to believe something strong enough for you to take the steps to get to the point where they can take control of you.

They convince people they need to drink out of only plastic bottles or to only wear certain types of materials. They say that the sun is going to be blocked out or that only some areas are being given real water. They tell people that they need to earn every dime for themselves and to never share. Toothpastes and lotions contain poison that block our skin from excreting water. They convince you to use specific products or only go to certain places or stores. They convince people to never drink water or never use water telling them that it is making them lose the game.

Airplanes and Airports are literally designed like teaching models to lead their targets astray. They teach you to think that you are on a spaceship. They say that mountain ranges are the end of the world and that there are only a few specific places that the spaceship dispenses water. They tell people that the red world is from China or Russia. They pin us against each other in hopes of getting us to kill each other. They explain that the only way to be documented as alive on the spaceship is to always be using oil. They press companies to give out free plastic bags with every purchase. They convince people to buy huge cars that waste gas. They convince people to pour out gasoline in streams or to cut the drugs they sell with oil products. They get you to waste as much gas as possible. They often incriminate people and get them sent to jail or worse.

They claim to be God to people that believe in him. Aliens, Vampires, Witchcraft Concepts, Army Plots, Thoughts of apocalypse or Poop Monsters. They can emphasize words in from regular conversations or on the pages of a book. They convince you of one of their many lies. At that point they can start actively making you do things.

They are the wrangalers. Moving us from one area to another and getting us to do things without our knowledge. They will only let verified games come in contact with consciousness using these control concepts.

They have sectioned us off into different zones. They have created barriers around whole cities. Upper floors of an apartment or office buildings are locks that will not allow some people inside. It is like a loyalty program. The people that are allowed to control these areas can to do anything they want without the worry that anyone will walk in on it. They control the police and traffic lights stopping people from moving too fast from one section to another. The worst of their people are in areas completely closed off from the rest of the population. They trap groups of people into sections that are impossible to leave. They know where the players they do not yet control are at all times. Many of us are not permitted to go near or into some of these sections but it is literally happening all around us. I have gone through them as they attempted to hide the things they were doing. Schools and Office Buildings are used to hold us. Each area is is under different delusions. It has degressed to a point where some of these areas are rape points. People sell their bodies for credit inside the system or to be allowed to leave or to be gifted food, water, or money. Each area is documented to know who and what is in it at all times.

They convince people that they cannot die.The truth of the matter is that, if you really were to die and be pushed into a subsequent world you would be trapped inside the body of livestock or potentially something worse. They will put your consciousness inside something that the computer cannot notice is not you. In the main world, the programed you is still alive and well according to the computer but really you have been turned into a cow or a plant. The computer only sees that you are receiving care, not the amount of care that is sufficient for a human consciousness. After death they take everything you created on earth and use it to further their control.

Their goal is to release enough Carbon-Monoxide to suffocate the entire planet. And they make games to get it to happen: Tow a Cow takes place on the highway.

They reward people for driving up long stretches of elevation towing absurdly large things behind them. They reward the drivers with sex from other women and children that they are certain their game rank is higher than.

It is a literal factory of death. When you realize that it is a hoax they use the evidence they have recorded of you doing the those things against you. What they reward people with is illegal and often documented for blackmail. Their workers are all purged with evidence they have against them. They tell them to do horrible things to get these privileges. These things can happen at a noisy truck stop along a busy highway or inside the truck. And no one will ever know.

The highway systems in the United States are strategically placed along the meridians of the planet air currents directly injecting car and truck exhaust along the planet’s air flow.

Coal companies convince people to mine through mountains in hope of getting out of the dome they are trapped in and to generate more energy for their system. They make people act crazy then dope them up and throw them away.

I have seen it happen to people. They put you in an insane asylum or into jail. Get you in contact with someone or something that will quickly take over your life and make you lose sight of the things and people you love. They give you limited options on who you could marry or have children with, then the next thing you know that person or company is feeding you lies and sending their own thoughts into your brain. You become their puppet.

They can deliver specific information to specific people through something as simple as a Happy Meal. Drug Companies, Hospitals and Alcohol Companies are all avenues for this energy they feed us to travel.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Rehab Clinics are crawling with these manipulators. I have met them. They do not want me to tell you this because it is their way of survival. They prey on the weak and convince people to commit suicide or become dependent on drugs that are obviously not helping.

They eventually get you to a point where you either kill yourself or are killed by them or their products, then they put your consciousness into a loop to repeat until the computer mainframe has deemed a winner.

They have taken over bands like the Beatles and pose to be them in your mind. Having you post their pictures on your wall so they can literally watch though it like a window. They can watch through anything they own, if the Evil Aliens supported me through my life, their Evil Alien world could watch through light bulbs as well. All of us have been supported by them so we own nothing that we create.

They have large groups of people under a handful of these same delusions all convincing each other of the same stuff. Each concept has its own separate version of the truth and are sometimes contradictory to each other. People’s parents prey on their children to survive some knowingly some not. If you try to go up against them and speak out, the pain they can inflict is beyond even the most atrocious acts in the history of earth.

Each world has a score that can be measured by how much matter we produce by being alive. This is what the computer uses to power itself and will reward the world that give it the most power. Each world has a main upper world in which its inhabitants compete for who has the longest game. There are many underworlds where characters from these upper games will go when they die.

The main worlds has first dibs on the food and resources that the computer gives us. If you fall into a subsequent world you’re resources and life options will be derived from whatever energy is not used on its top most game.

If you die in this world, you will start again in a subsequent world that is that has the same physical layout according to the computer. They are literally writing the code for these subsequent games in a way that only allows people of their choosing be recycled back into the main game. In these subsequent worlds your consciousness could become mounted on the wall like a taxidermy deer. They have the power to put people’s consciousnesses into a farm animals or stalks of corn. This tricks the Universe Machine into thinking that because you are receiving water and food, that you are still ok. But in fact you are not ok. You are a stalk of corn.

From the underworlds of any planet, they can monitor the running games still verified by the computer. They can watch through things things the characters have left behind. They can watch from pictures and logos that the computer says that they own. It is from one of those worlds that they are feeding us the information that is causing us to kill our world. They have taken control of the companies and governments that feed and provide for us.

From their world they monitor who is harvesting and growing the food, killing the meat people eat, designing and making the products. It is monitoring the transfer of energy. They are the Ghost Writers of our lives and communicate with the people in this world convincing them of lies that will help them win the battle the have waged on us.

Now, forms of government and corporations have rigged it so that people are 100% dependent on their products, ideas, properties and roads making most everybody’s energy output score a zero and thus managed by whom the system thinks they are dependent on. Nestle, Pepsi, and Dog Food Companies like Purina are giving us all of our energy and they are pretending to be our thoughts. The Presidents and Owners of these companies are being controlled. They don’t even know it. Because their life force has already been transferred to the subsequent world below this one either that or they are working for their cause of world domination.

A plastic tarp or a long tube could become a snake at a moment’s notice-- then eat you up. Not alerting the overarching computer because in their counterfeit world, that long tube or that Beatles poster was a Hungry Snake and a window into another land.

They have repeated this timeline many times already. They will soon restart this game completely by poisoning all life inside it. Many books or movies suddenly hint at the things I am talking about but no one has outright said that this stuff is actually true. ‘Under control here’ someone told me a week ago, but they cannot speak out because they have already been controlled by the ones they have put in control. They have created an elaborate system to keep the ones who know in control but still under their thumb. The ones who are unaware are kept away from the ones who do.

I have been protecting a small piece of land in a town that will be the last safe place in this country. It is the most stable place in the United States. Most of the area is already under the control of Pepsi and Purina. It has fresh water coming from the ground and a solid rock unconnected to the center tectonic plate between the Mississippi and California. They have strong holds and bunkers in this area. They work tirelessly to destroy all other land, raping it with chemicals and highways. They build on top of the meridians of the wind and water currents of the planet. They place nuclear dumps in the ocean in strategic locations to be leaked into the rest of the ocean by its natural currents. The run off is poisoning everything and eventually will cause the ground and water to not produce food. The ones they have working for them will bunk up and or fight to the death once the air is too thick to breathe. Eventually after exhausting all our resources only their Alien World will be left running inside this Universe Machine and they will once again be deemed the winners. Our consciousnesses will literally be given to them to do whatever they want.

Artists suddenly scream for help in the lyrics of their songs and reporters are edited to get inline with the agenda of the ones in control. Many people have died. They have figured out a way to control our every move and manipulate the rules of the computer we live in as a means of war. I truly do believe the things. I have witnessed them first hand. I do not know when this will end or how, but I am so sick of being silent. I need speak out. This is war.

The Evil Alien people do not see things how we see. They see the energy inside us making it hard for them to tell who is who. They see where you go, what you do, how much you eat but have no idea what you look like. They see the transfer of energy and thoughts. They can see intention. They can see how much energy you have generated in your life and who has received it. They can see when we have orgasms and from who it came.  That is how they see. And they copy this world’s energy logs to pose as their own because their game has already been lost.

Our enemies are from somewhere that is truly different than Earth.

They have no idea what we are, but as in everything, life consumes energy. Without it nothing can survive. They monitor with incredible precision. Did this guy drink our water or his water? Is this guy learning about the truth or is he a drug addict? Does he have the potential to have a baby girl? Can his game go beyond ours? They want to know if it would be possible for anyone to become sufficient beyond them.

If your character could be sufficient beyond their counterfeit world you will become a target. They listen to everything we say and do. If they see that you are learning the truth they will stop it. That is why I have been learning about this without talking specifics at all.

If me and my nerd hacker girlfriend can have this baby they have been trying to stop us from having, our game could go longer than theirs. I have dated her in many bodies. It is the same person’s consciousness but they are different people in this world. She is always snooping on me. Sometimes she is a girl behind the counter at some random store, sometimes she is just a girl walking by on the street. She likes to watch me eat stuff I really like. I guess it’s fine with me, at least someone cares enough to watch me enjoy something.

She switches consciousness a lot. She sees a lot of stuff I don’t. The stuff she tells me scares the shit out of me, but I believe her. It is hard for me to imagine, all this crazy stuff about living in a computer and this other world that she is from. It is hard to feel monogamous when she keeps switching bodies. My mind doesn’t work like that, it is changing my chemistry but I am starting to get the hang of it. When we kiss I imagine cute things she did and it makes her smile because she can see what I think. We can use thoughts as a language. I am getting better at it but still not very good.

It is hard for me because I do not completely understand who she is or where she is from. It hurts for me to think that she is just continually taking care of me and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. It has taken me a long time to put all this together and I still have a long way to go before I completely understand. But I do love her. I can see the pieces that make her who she is and I love them. I see them in all of her bodies. She is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.

They have control over the man who already has a kid with one of  her characters. He is secretly doing many things to help the Evil Alien’s. He knows the truth but pretends to be infected with lies like other people they have controlled. Neither him nor the Aliens knew that it was me who would impregnate her from one of her other characters. But somehow, this is what I will do.

Why? Because I believe that there is an intergalactic war happening all around us. We run ten deep in this bitch surrounded but the army of illuminati that have a strong hold on our government. Beyond the government, that’s what we are. Fuck em, we did it last week in Milwaukee and were doing it again this weekend here at the ranch.

What else do you want me to say about this shit? This world is at war. War has casualties, some acceptable, some not. In war there are extenuating circumstances for the ones who committed violent acts that were forced upon them. This does not mean murder is ever ok, but I am certain that the ones serving in the military, the ones who were the gun men in helicopters, mowing down their country’s enemies, were not personally held responsible of their actions by the standards of civilian law but instead from their own personal torment from the traumas that were forced upon them.

For me, and the ones who were hurt, all is not forgiven, but often, as in all forms of nature, these atrocities do happen on a regular basis inside all forms of life. It is healthy for forest fires to burn the waste away for a new field of seedlings to bloom uninhibited in full sun. This is natural evolution, not a war of immediate gratification and fuel, water, and air exhaustion.

What is money worth if we are all dead?

Sometimes when I drive alone, I can sit for hours in complete silence with the window cracked just a bit smoking cigarettes and just thinking. The sound of the wind and the hum of the tires. I think I like the drives with friends the best but sometimes that’s not an option. When it was a option, when we had time to kill and nowhere to go, we just drove. Deep into the interworking of our minds, picked each other apart and broke each other down. We cried and we laughed, peed out of windows, rode on top of roofs, visited tourist locations, stole olive oil and made love all over the place. Sex love and word love, depending on who it was. I have had the privilege to take long drives with many of my friends and girlfriends in the past. All of those girlfriends, were the same person. My nerd hacker girlfriend.

I know love for moments at  a time. Pieces of another, through the things and people around me. But yet I can’t talk to them, in this language. I respect all of her. All of them housed inside, but who is the one I truly love? I know and respect them all as their own beings, with their own lives. They have different emotions and tendencies, but come from one driving force. I have love for her on multiple levels, I see them all as separate people with separate desires and minds that can choose for themselves who they want to be with and what they want to do. We are warriors.

The empty stores, the quiet neighborhoods, the unexplainable explanation of where all my friends have disappeared to. I sit, I wait, I go, when I can. They coyly watch me as I give the white boy nod, the tourist nod, the speed trap cigarette. They stand in the store snickering as if they know something I don’t. I know that they are wasting their lives and lying to themselves. They act like they can hurt me or scare me but they can’t control me, I am not their territory. Govern your life as you see fit and leave me alone.

Why? Because there are other forces at work that keep me safe from you. Their construct is a lie, and mine is based on truth. It is not a complete truth but practice and enlightenment are not two. I sacrifice myself on small levels every day every month every year.

Fuck you, all you people that make love impossible, that pretend to be interested in beautiful things just to ruin them. Fuck you, all the people that follow us around hoping to be paid unrealistic sums of money to hurt us. For jobs that will give you nothing but more pain. Maybe you should all try a different approach. It’s only a boat or a car. It’s not happiness. Money ain’t shit.

I do the world’s bidding while these stupid fucks molest each other in back alleys and bathroom stalls, so they can sing cultish songs and never talk a word about how it all works. They don’t even know how it works, they just want.

Fuck you if you think you can walk around with that smug little look on your face while I have to move from lover to lover to find hope. Fuck you for making my personal life so difficult. Fuck you for making me loose the pieces of my life that were natural for me to experience. I hop from farm to farm, bunker to bunker, running from psychos. The only friends I have put their lives in danger to support me.

It messes with my brain chemistry to accept this.

She is the one that has loved me in each breath and been there for me when things were hard. For years. She’s the one who supported me to feel ok writing and talking, the one that has nursed my back to health and taught me how to live as a duo and sometimes as a family. For what? The ‘reality’ and ethics of the system? It hurts to live like this but maybe it is the only way to see.

It hurts to think I would be leading her to a place where we will inevitably break up… but in that scenario, I would be leading her, which is false because she has her own mind and her own will and I don’t lead her anywhere. We walk together. Is she her or is she her? She helps me have a functioning life inside a world that has deprived me of the possibility of finding a partner and prevail in this computer game.

Fuck you for putting me in a position where I feel like I need to hurt people to help people. I respect all the beings. I love them all, but they are not the same, at least in this world. I cannot force this delusion on someone else. It is to be seen what happens. Will I become the president or will I sit in squander and loneliness for eternity? I don’t know but I know I need to stand by what I believe even if it’s totally insane by this world’s standards. I promise you will find gold under the water. It scares me to walk the plank but I will do it because that’s what I think is right.

I can’t force someone to love me. Even if they could be immaculately impregnated with my child. But she is them all, she is inside all of them. Its her body, it’s her life. We are all individuals. We can all find love in whatever way makes sense, when and if such a thing were to happen. I put myself out there. That’s what this is. These words are out in the light and she still loves me.Maybe it’s reality, maybe it isn’t. That’s what walking the plank is for me right now. Not knowing.

Do you think it is easy to feel the deepness of love that I feel for her? Through your body and through hers? That is not how humans work. Always alone. Then in love. Thats what I am. Maybe someday shit will work out for me but until then save your fucking apathy and jealousy for the rich white fucks that never sleep alone, have toy wives, fuck fancy whores in the sky, and utilize their ‘god given’ power to ruin the world.

I got good at monitoring my thoughts then matching them up with the actions of my teachers. I would get confused sometimes and need to confirm what I was being taught, they would repeat it but since it was all in code, I could never be completely sure about anything until I confirmed it with more than one of my teachers. Over time I started to put things together to a point that I am at today, totally committed. It became my job. Since then everything and everywhere I go is part of an orchestrated plan. I am escorted to different towns or states, given tickets to take plane trips across the world. I have been rushed through security quarantined areas multiple times and forced to barricade myself in a loft hiding from psychos.

Things have been getting pretty weird and at this point, for me at least, it is undeniable.

My Hacker girlfriend literally sees things in a different way than me. Somehow, I don’t know how, she can be inside multiple people’s bodies, I want to have a family with her. We are both working to save this planet. She is Madeline, and she is not Madeline also. She sees the world in a line and feels energy.  Sometimes she can see each moment and how it’s actions will affect each tangents outcome. I would imagine, it is her own special kind of hell. We are only a small part of it, we do not control this world, we are only being taught to communicate it.

I am totally trusting in the fact that something supernatural is happening on this planet to me, and for all of us.

I am going to take my chances, and hope like crazy that this intuition isn’t incorrect. Somehow, someway, this baby girl will make her way over to me.

Sweet perversions of self, waves of thought, a feeling of true sacrifice and creation, a whirlwind of emotions to be sorted through one drag at a time. A timeline. A sideways tangent that dictates my life.

Obligation to a love that flows through dimensions. We are capable of understanding anything if we let ourselves. Questing to be loyal to all, as well as the one who has come all this way with me. A galaxy of thought. A galaxy of questions. Accompanied by a song of inspiration we have gone through dimensions to find true love. It is something that can be proven.

I guess you knew it all along, but for me, it was different. So fuck it. I’m back on the train, hopefully the boat, to Madeline. I want to try something. I want us to try to go physically through dimensions. And experiment of sorts to prove what we all want to know, is this babble something of importance or is it just another person being taken down. I guess we will see. The mission is simple. Relax. Stay happy. Have fun. Eat food. Love each other.

We’re gonna prove that we live in a fucking videogame by fucking. Because there are three ways up the ladder in this world, sex, drugs, and money. Guess what people, I have them all.


This photo:

2017 - Midwest Love News -


This is a photo we found in the wall of the old kitchen at The Idea Factory, I think it looks weirdly like a soldier wearing a helmet. He is peeing on the bride. It also looks like there are handcuffs hanging from the branch to the side of his head.

Ejaculate, for your consideration:

September 11th 2017

Male ejaculate contains only 5-10% sperm: those little swimmers we are familiar to; that can sometimes find their way to an egg, sometimes fertilize it, and sometimes end in the creation of a small human, or not. 

So what else is in there???

Well folks, it’s a whole lot of gold. 

Let’s get Healthier!
Packed with nutrients, male ejaculate contains between 2.5 and 5.0 grams of protein per, for lack of a better word, shot: about half a teaspoon on average. It also contains small amounts of the following: vitamin C, vitamin b12, zinc, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, fructose (not the hydrogenated shit, remember y’all, this is truly organic), and calcium. On average, a single load contains about 20 calories.

Let’s get happier! 
Semen also contains dozens of compounds known to fight depression and anxiety, as does regular sexual activity. Semen and healthy sexual activity is generally mood enhancing and is physically comprised of estrone, cortisol, oxytocin, melatonin, and serotonin. All of which our bodies naturally produce: which we could all use more of, especially these days. 


Like I said, gold. Don’t be afraid folks! Enjoy this nutrient packed organic matter anywhere on your body, let it soak into your skin, fall all over your face and mouth, or swallow deeply. It’s for your health!
You could also feed it to the Kleenex monster, but with all this good stuff, doesn’t that seem like a waste?

What are you consuming?
Diet can effect the health and taste of your sperm too, think of your partners and yourself when consuming. Things that are good for you, are also good for your ejaculate! This speaks to all sexes. For more vibrancy, consume things like: pineapple, banana, garlic, asparagus, walnuts, oysters, lean beef, make sure, as always, to drink plenty of water. On a personal note, I have found that a glass of mineral, citrus note wine from the Eastern European region can make everything taste incredible, in moderation. 
When diet is concerned, be warned, if you or your partners have allergies: your ejaculate can transfer traces of the known allergen to your partner, and may cause an allergic reaction. Anywhere from hives to tingly lips. (A note from the editor to her partner: please don’t eat mushrooms, allergen traces can remain in ejaculate for up to 24 hours, we both know we’ll be swapping liquids consistently and constantly).

Disclaimer: this is focused on research of semen, or male ejaculate. More to cum on the composition, and pure magic gold of female ejaculate: not leaving you out queens.

With all that being said, I would like to remind us all to use safe sex practices, including speaking openly and honestly with your partner, visiting your local sex positive clinic for regular testing, do not adhere to anyone’s standards of consent, gender roles (or gender norms), be kind to yourself. Take care of each other. Cummincate. 

Madeline Kronmiller
Editor in Chief
Midwest Love News


Gangsters of love

2017 - Midwest Love News

Love is hot wax, eating a cows heart in a Dothraki tent, lemon flavored cream and scented lotion as you kiss her neck, hair binders and canoe trips, loosing each other in grocery isles, menstrual cramps and ejaculatory fluids, blood drips and tissues covered in snot, the change in her lips and the texture of her skin.

Cracker kisses, cuddle bunnies, cuddle wars, blanket siege and cold feet attacks. Learning to share learning to be alone, appreciating the enginuity of our cycles, to be happy, to calm down, to speed up and stand at attention at any moment. To drink water, wine and double fist Hams on swing sets. To be bored together, to annoy each other, and find new ways to expand and push each other. To be a Band, a Team a Squad or a Duo.

Thats what it is.


The History of Midwest Love and its creators:

We have decided to create a free form newspaper from the momentum of these past projects. 

Curated by Aaron Colantti - Featuring Many Others

Le Sound Guy

In 2016 we picked up a sponsorship with Trojan Condoms for the NACCC Bike Messenger Championship in NYC. In the movie you will witness us loosing the sponsor and finding a private investor. None of the plot is true except for the fact that we did attend a bike race in NYC. 

2015 Bike Disaster

We actually did get a real gig making a movie for a mountain biking hut system in Colorado. Originally we were planning on using demo bikes from QBP but the deal fell through due to some personal drama. 


We drove to San Juan Colorado two men short of our original team. We only had one bike between the three of us and maxed my credit card renting two INTENSE full suspension mountain bikes for two full weeks. I strapped far too much video equipment on the back of Matts front suspension Specialized Rock Hopper and we set out for the Colorado and Utah wilderness. For two weeks we lived in the mountains going hut to hut with almost no contact with the world outside. We had to carry enough battery and memory to last the entire two weeks because none of the huts have electricity. 'We took mushrooms and almost died on top of a mountain' - Peter K

The week after we emerged from the wilderness we entered into the North American Currier Championship in Denver Colorado with over 400 racers in attendance. Erik took 5th place then we went home.

Documentary of trip:

It was shortly after this trip that the dynamic of our lives started to change as if something had latched on to us in the wilderness. At least for me, things changed for the worse. After recording these videos and going home to MN I plummeted into what was the most horrifying and humbling experience of my life time. I edited these videos months later after locking myself inside my room at my parents house for 7 months straight. I did not use the internet or a computer during that time.

Day by day bike videos turned in late (click for video):

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Selling out

In 2014 we gave all our energy to making commercials for real companies. These were real commercials, some of which we even got paid for. 

The Documetary of filming Nice Ride The Musical: 

We also made a radio commercial for Splash window shield cleaner:

After hearing the song they asked us to come in for a meeting. They agreed to pay our gas, food, and lodging on a short trip to From Minneapolis, MN to Norfolk Virginia to pick up our friend and bring him back for Christmas. Under two conditions: 1: We make a movie for them and 2: That we give out 5 boxes of free Splash along the way. 

We couldn't use most the footage we shot because we did not get anyone to sign the release forms while we were filming so we just turned in this video of us dancing and they told us to leave. :(

Around The World

During the 5 or so years it took Andrew Siess to walk around the entire planet, we followed him and camped with him when we could. These are some of the funny things we did while traveling to crazy places all over the world to support our friend who chose to do something awesome. 

In this video we travel from Seoul Korea to Ulaanbaatar where we catch a ride to the middle of the desert to find Andrew. In the end we buy a sheep from someone in the middle of nowhere, kill it with our bare hands then cook it up on hot rocks in a yurt. 

This is when Andrew finished his walk in Italy. I was biking with a friend, we got caught in a rain storm and took shelter in a white shrine on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with nothing but fields of grapes for wine around for miles. We waited there for it to stop raining. It isn't in the movie but it was my favorite part of the trip. 

We made these two movies in the months before going to Mongolia but they take place in Minnesota and have nothing to do with Mongolia except that we tried to tie it in with the title cards and the 'Dairy Training'.

In this movie we make a hot tub out of shit we found in the dumpster. We did it in the backyard of the Tri Fort.

In this movie we go to a quarry in Northern Minnesota to go cliff diving. This is when Matt was officially the CEO of The Idea Factory. 

This is when we gave out free pancakes at the May Day celebration in Minneapolis.

We also got a $500 grant from Smirnoff to make a movie about how to enjoy Smirnoff Vodka in the Winter. We used the money to buy food for an out door movie night and BBQ. It was -5 degrees F and was on the same night as the Super Bowl. 

These are some funny movies we made while Matt was the  CEO of The Idea Factory:

This was the time that Erik had a birthday party in Northern Wisconsin on a small island on the St Croix River. The police came and told everyone to leave and chased one of our friends through the woods with big guns and GPS system. Since everyone had to leave we took the two canoes and tried to paddle our way back to the twin cities. It took us two days to realize we were never going to make it.  

And before this... a lot of stuff happened. 







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